The BBA is one of the best professional degrees, opening up many work opportunities in the business sector and with multinational businesses. With the aid of all the disciplines provided in a BBA education, the student can gain better jobs and increase their career alternatives. The tourist sector is one of the few industries that also generates demand and growth prospects for other industries. In every nation, tourism boosts economic growth and job prospects. The demand for qualified experts to fill the various divisions of the tourism industry has undoubtedly increased dramatically due to this industry’s expansion. Continue reading about the key job openings for BBA graduates in travel & tourism: 

Customer service manager: 

The responsibility of a customer service manager is to direct and supervise the customer service team. They oversee the customer care staff and ensure they are answering questions from current, past, and future customers. To succeed in their position, a customer service manager must be proficient in interpersonal and technical abilities. They are in charge of developing policies and procedures as well. They are in charge of both the training and recruitment of the employees. Their primary objective is to put the consumer first. If you complete aBBA travel and tourism in a reputed institution, you can work as a customer service manager. 


Due to consumer preferences for quick, hassle-free travel, the airline business is flourishing. Opportunities in the international, national, and regional airline sectors are available. One of the high-paying sectors is the airline sector. That makes it a successful professional route to select. With a BBA in Travel and Tourism degree, you can enter the airline industry and work as a ground staff member, which handles booking, traffic assistance, reservation staff, and other duties. It is safe to assume that as the airline industry continues to increase over the upcoming years, this will increase the number of positions available. 

Travel and Tourism Consultant 

A travel and tourism consultant’s job are to assist clients in selecting a holiday package that meets their needs and ideas. It is a job of intermediate difficulty that revolves and heavily relies on client connections. Their job also involves learning about new countries weather, costs, cultures, and languages and continuously keeping up with shifting trends. Communication and interpersonal skills, capacity for negotiation, problem-solving abilities, rudimentary computer proficiency, and familiarity with travel-related software are some of the crucial skills for a travel and tourism consultant. To become a travel and tourism consultant, you should complete the bachelor of Travel and tourism management in the famous institution. 

Event manager 

From start to finish, an event must be managed by an event manager. They are responsible for keeping track of the event planning and ensuring it adheres to the established goals and objectives. To plan the event, they must create and maintain event budgets and decide who will attend. An event manager’s duties include developing an event brand and marketing plan. When an event is over, it is necessary to report on it and analyze the data to determine whether or not it was successful. An event manager must possess strong leadership abilities, project management skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, and KPI knowledge, as well as outstanding communication and negotiation skills. 

Final thoughts 

Thus, those mentioned above are about the key job openings for BBA graduates in travel & tourism. Graduates with a BBA in tourism can choose from a larger range of positions. The best location to study BBA will be at ITM Skills University. Since the curriculums are created here by specialists in the business, they emphasize the most recent trends, technologies, and best practices.