Ones upon a time, when print-on-demand work was evolving, the order placing and order completion for business owners and customers was very furry.  There had to be minimum orders as the printing techniques were costly, stocking of the products had to be done, and logistic tensions were there. 

With the advancement in technologies and advanced methods of printing, things started to get simpler.  Now is the time when a customer can simply place an order of any amount and the fulfilment of the orders is often pledged.  Alongside this, the print-on-demand business and trend has taken a flight and everyone wants to gift and buy something special.  Now, a spectrum of products stays in demand!  The ranges of products which customers want and that a print-on-demand website or company should have are:

  1. Phone Cases.  Well, let’s admit this: we are all addicted to our phones.  We can’t even live for a single minute without our phones as they are now an official addition of almost all of us.  So, if you are not that addicted, then great but often when people say that they are not into their phones and not hooked on, they probably are.  Furthermore, as we carry this luxurious item all the time in our pockets, we want to protect them from damage.  Phone cases are the first accessory that we buy. Forthwith, we do not want simple, plain phone cases.  We want classy, adorable phone cases that increase our phone’s look.  Phone cases are in demand and the print-on-demand service is the most used. 
  2. T-Shirts.  T-shirts are our life saviours.  They are so versatile that we can wear them anywhere, at any time and they pave the way into the wardrobes of men, women, children and everybody else.  They prove to be handy and versatile.  We want prints and designs on them to make it look interesting and attractive to wear.  The T-shirt is said to be the bread and butter of print-on-demand websites, if they produce enough to satisfy the needs of consumers. 
  3. Mugs. Though a personalized mug has been a staple gift for a long time, it never loses the charm of being a beautiful gift. A coffee mug, customized or with a beautiful quote or artistic designs, is the best.  Together with similar types of mugs in the office, a working space, at seminars or meetings, they make an aesthetic appearance.
  4. Hoodies and Sweatshirts.  Who doesn’t wear hoodies and sweatshirts?  We all do, right?  When we wear them, the designs for the hoodies and sweatshirts have to be of N number, too.  Making ample creative designs is possible with print-on-demand.
  5. Towels.  The sweat-absorbing gym-goer’s towel, the bathing towel, kid’s towels and other towels, so many towels.  Not all like simple plain towels. Everyone wants fascinating things around them and to make things interesting, using one a personal towel of blue sky design makes people feel great. 
  6. Canvas.  Canvases for the walls make a room look chic and subtle, or showcase artistic vibes at home, office, studio, schools, auditoriums, or at other places where people generally use a huge canvas.  Making them well-designed with innovative ideas and getting them printed through print-on-demand can give the place a luxurious feel. 
  7. Tote Bags.  Not being dramatic, we would not want to tell you how much plastic we use in a year and how hazardous it is for the environment.  But, replacing them, people have started to use tote bags that are made with reusable material.  They come in various designs and people tend to buy them by awareness and also liking them. 
  8. Stickers.  Stickers on the fridge, walls, work station, laptop, bottles, phones or other places are so much in trend.  But stickers in demand by the public are of the kind that the print-on-demand companies will have to understand and produce because they are cool and aura creating, so, no compromise in designs!
  9. Hats or Caps.  They stay swinging in the market all the time. So, having hats or caps with expressive, innovative designs in the market is great!
  10.  Kids Wear.  Kids will never settle for regular designs and prints.  They always want something new, which is attractive and exciting.  So, print-on-demand should have separate clothing sections for kids, as they and their parents are always ready to get something new. 
  11. Tank Tops.  Tank tops are used for yoga, long walks, gyms and many other purposes.  Many people admit to wearing them at night as well, as they are really comfortable.  So, seeing the versatility, the designs have to be of several types, too.
  12. Luggage Tags.  Although luggage tags are not that famous, people love to have luggage tags while traveling or for regular use for their personal handbags, giving them a sense of belonging or maybe a token of happiness. 
  13. Cushions.  Cushions with various designs or quotes for mom, dad, a lover, sister, brother, friend or just having amazing prints, have become part of giving gifts, apart from being in the living room or bedroom.  The beautiful cushions kept in perfect arrangement elevate the look of a space. So, win-win!  It’s a great piece of decor, a gift and a hyped product purchase; one that print-on-demand should have!

Author Bio:

David is a passionate blogger and has written numerous blogs in fashion and custom products etc. He has also worked at Print Genie, the one-stop print on demand service provider that you can count on for shipping customized printed products to customers under your brand name.

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