The food industry still promotes adding protein to all the meals, which could mislead you to believe you are eating a surplus of this essential micronutrient in your diet. This is not the real situation, and your fitness and effort at the gym could be destroyed if your body lacks protein.

Although the protein requirements vary according to the body weight and exercise level for every person, there is no doubt that the body remains lean and retains muscular strength as we age due to the right amount of protein intake. If you don’t know how much protein you receive through food and if it is enough to power your health goals, here are some ways to know.

1) Constant Injuries

Injuries are challenges which we need to conquer during our workout journey. Besides losing muscle, dietary protein absence causes multiple risks, such as bone density loss and osteoporosis. The body faces difficulties in calcium absorption, which would possibly leave you vulnerable to injury. For this cause, during high-intensity training courses, we lack resistance. So you need to maximize your protein intake if you get regularly injured.

2) Workout Doesn’t Entail Results

Protein is vital to the production of new muscle mass, as well as for sustainability and inspiration. It increases the muscle’s ability to recover post-training. A low protein diet can make you suffer from muscle atrophy where your body begins to cannibalize the tissue to support you throughout the day. If you don’t intake ample protein for your muscle structure, the results will still fall short of your expectations no matter how hard you exercise.

3) Unexpected Anxiety and Food Cravings

Serotonin is a soothing hormone in our body; protein plays a crucial role in facilitating serotonin’s synthesis action in the brain. Failure to develop serotonin can result in unprecedented levels of insulin in the blood.  So it may be a sign of protein deficiency if you are unable to control your body from having unhealthy snacks.

4) Hair starts Thinning

Hair dilution is nowadays a big concern and has a similar impact on both genders. Body searches for non-essential body parts such as hair to extract the protein from if you do not nurture your body with sufficient protein. As we all know, for fundamental working, the body requires nutrients. When your hair has no nutrients, it tends to thin and even to break. Consume a high protein diet next time you experience hair falling or thinning.

All doctors suggest that protein is a very valuable micro-nutrition to our body. Seafood, white and red meat, and eggs are rich sources of protein. So if you want to reach your fitness goals, start in-taking the right amount of protein depending on your body weight. You can even use the daily protein intake calculator to assist you with the process.

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