Makeup tools have grown up drastically in the last few years. Initially, fingers were deemed to be the promising tool for using foundation, and then came makeup brushes which were a better and more sterile alternative. But a makeup sponge beats them all with its efficiency to use perfect makeup using the most minimal quantity of product. 

Nonetheless, makeup sponges have grown up too. Nowadays, beauty sponges come in so multiple different shapes and sizes making it tough to pick the right one. Each shape is planned for a detailed purpose and we will lead the way through the 5 Different Types of Makeup Sponges (and how to use them) 

Triangle sponge: 

The triangle sponge has been about for a while now and is primarily used by professional makeup artists worldwide. Compared to some other beauty sponge, they don’t burn a gap in your pocket. They get the job done but may not be the vastly ideal choice for newbies as the rigorous lines make it hard to circulate the product evenly.  

Pear shaped: 

This sponge has a sharp tip that permits exactness and targeted coverage. The tip can be used to get in regions that are tough to reach such as the junctions of your nose. Using the product using the arcs of this tool offers an opaque finish whereas the rounded base delivers a sheerer application. The narrowly contoured shape makes mixing your highlighter smooth by rolling it on the apples of your cheeks.  

The Forever52 sponge was developed to mix makeup products such as moisturizer, foundation, or any liquid makeup into the skin and leave the makeup on without a poreless and smooth base. It is comprehended for its ‘exclusive aqua-activated foam’. The sphere shape of the sponge makes it convenient to reach any portion of the face contour and is available at a reasonable makeup sponge price. Like any other beauty bender, it is to be damp before use.  

Oval shaped: 

The classic teardrop or oval-shaped makeup blending sponge is still the most steadfast tool employed by makeup artists, bloggers, and makeup fans in general. And for all the right reasons, it uses a seamless skin of liquid, gel, and cream formulas leaving skin flawless. The large end is used to use your foundation whereas the tapered point is flawless for combining concealer over more targeted locales of your face.  

Silicone Makeup Sponge: 

Though this new beauty blender may look like flexible silicone bra inserts. It is most normally flat rounded edges which are used to use cream or liquid makeup products only. The biggest godsend of using these best makeup sponges is that it does not soak any makeup products and is used entirely without wasting any. To get the best result, it is generous to add HD foundation in dots onto the skin and use a ‘pushing motion’ so it will fill in the pores.  

Wedge-Shaped Beauty Blender: 

The wedge-shaped beauty blender is identical to the sphere-shaped beauty blender, in numerous ways. But the key disparity between the two, is apparently, the shape. The wedge-shaped beauty blender is flat, which makes the application of makeup even smoother than the end outcome of the sphere-shaped beauty blender. This blender can be employed, both in moist and dry form. It requires to be used in a tapping and circular movement to get the best end outcome.