The fashion and style statements of womanhood following Islam are unique, exclusive and undeniably charming. They reflect the culture, heritage and traits of the religion as well as their approach and trends. Have a look at the dressing patterns of an Islamic girl.

Most often we see Islamic women wearing abaya in the Arab Gulf countries, a cape for women which is draped over other dresses when in public. The abaya is typically made of black synthetic material, sometimes ornamented with vibrant embroidery or beads. The abaya may be draped from the top of the head to the bottom or over the neck area. It is generally clipped closed. It may be pooled with a headscarf or face veil.

Another form of imperative Muslim clothing for women is Burqa. This type of shroud and body draping covers all whole body even the eyes, which are sheltered with a net screen. Most commonly seen in Islamic countries and used by women when they are out from the domestic environment.

The most trendy and fashionable yet modest Islamic clothing for women is hijab. Hijab are sometimes stunningly beautiful and looks gorgeous on girls. The texture, prints and lovely motifs appear amazingly beautiful. Such lovely looking ones are easily available in shops and markets including different hijab online store. Hijab can be worn in different manner and styles each form offers differently dashing looks. Here are some ways to use the scurf, to look like a charming Hijabi. Hijabs can be wore in neon color and multicolor or in mono color fashion. One can also tuck a head scarf into a belt to lengthen the torso. Moreover, to look dazzling, one can try with a textured scarf to enhance a new style to the get-up. The drift of these fashions are very enchanting and trendy. One can also work on the make-up bit with the hijab. More explicitly, it refers to a square or rectangular piece of cloth which is gathered, worn over the head, and clipped under the chin like a head scarf. Depending on the trend and location, this may also be known as a shaylah or tarhah. Silk Hijabs are very amazing too and they come in remarkably jazzy patterns to suit the style. So it’s absolutely fine to wear trendy attires. To make a Hijab look pretty and dazzling, a silk scarf with bold gold imprints enhance refined highlights around the face. Moreover blue tassel loafers, a branded watch and a furry vest will add the charming quotient. One can also wear Hijab in a turban style, or animal print, loosely tied or in layered Hijab style.
Other forms of Islamic woman modest dressing are Khimar or a face veil, chador, jilbab and shalwar kameez. To keep pace with time and society- these things are trendy now and shows modern design and patterns like neon colors, animal prints and gold imprints.

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