Summer heat is approaching. You must be packing your winter clothes away, placing them safely to use again next year. Now, it is time to bring out the summer guns that will help conquer the scorching summer heat. Summer starts about halfway into March and ends in May or the first few days of June. 

Generally, our lifestyle and living keep changing to adapt to different factors. A very important factor that has been prevailing is the change in season. Change in season brings a very big difference in what we wear and what we eat. We tend to wear more airy and comfortable clothes and eat fruits with a good amount of water content or drink juices with soaked basil or Tulsi seeds. 

During summers, a fresh environment is what you and your guests need. House décor may be slightly time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Also, all the fun and excitement beat the time factor. Home décor is mainly dependant on how creative you can be. There are so many things all-around your own home that you can use to decorate your home. This home and lifestyle blog will provide a few tips on how to make you home more summer-friendly and, at the same time, make it fresh and give it an aesthetic look. 

Here are a few lifestyle tips and advice for home decoration in summer: – 

  • Flowers are a very effective way of making your home seem fresh. Flowers are available in various vibrant and beautiful colors. Instead of plucking or buying flowers, you can plant small flowering plants or show plants and make your vertical garden in your living room. 
  • Succulents and cactuses can also be a nice addition. They can even be an inspiration to battle with the summer heat. These plants are very low maintenance. They don’t need to be watered a lot. Succulents and cactuses are very pretty plants, flowers that are on top of cactuses have beautiful colors like orange or red.    
  • Since ancient times, before refrigerators, our ancestors used a hollow vessel made of mud to keep water cool. This is a very effective way of keeping your water cool, and it also refreshes you after you come home from the strong rays of the sun. You can get a small mud vessel that can be placed in your living room so that your guests can drink water from it. A mud vessel is a great addition, not only because it stores cool and refreshing water, but also it will give your home a very aesthetic look.
  • You can keep easily accessible ways for hydration purposes. Like you can get a few glass bottles and put them in around your house, a couple of jugs with fruit juices or juices that can be made of pre-made pulps.   
  • The floor, you may have noticed is very cool during summers. It can be very comfortable to sit and, at times, even sleep on. You can put out yoga mats or thin mats on your floor, leaving it on people where they want to sit. You can also put mattresses on the floor to sleep on for your afternoon nap. Doing this will also increase the number of people that will fit in your living room.
  • You can put out small candy jars with glucose candy or candy that can rejuvenate and help gain your energy back. 
  • You can get pillow covers that have soothing yet fresh colors, like pastel green or pastel yellow. You have to make sure that these colors compliment the rest of your furniture and the color of your walls. 
  • Another great way to decorate your home is by putting up motivational quotes. These can help bring a good mood and lighten the mood. These quotes are a great way to improve lifestyle and living. You can frame beautifully designed quotes; these can be used in all seasons. 
  • Rearranging furniture gives your home a completely different look. During summers, you can arrange your furniture, so everyone gets a good amount of air supply. You can place some seating close to the window and some near your fan or air conditioning. 

These are a few ways to decorate your home during summers. As you go about decorating, many other ways to improve and decorate your lifestyle and livingwill come up. 

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