Flower arrangement is a technique of artistically arranging buds, foliage, and other accessories to make it more attractive for viewers. Since ancient times, people use innovative patterns to transform the beauty of floral buds. The art of floral display originated in China. Later on, the Japanese grasp this art and used cut flowers to decorate their homes. Today, the culture of the floral presentation is in vogue across the globe. You get numerous artistically appealing floral bouquets at Vietnam gifts online and other portals for flower delivery in Ho Chi Minh.

Have a look at the top nine types of classy flower alignment.

1.  Fan-Shaped Flower Arrangements

The fan-shaped display is one of the most common and oldest methods of floral decoration. Here you spread the flowers along with foliage in the shape of a fan. The tallest flower from the flower delivery in Hanoi online remains in the middle, while smaller ones adorn the space on both sides of it. Leaves act as blades in this arrangement.

2.   Elliptical Flower Arrangements

Florists at Vietnam gifts online usually arrange roses, sunflowers, dahlia, tulips, and lilies in an elliptical fashion. These bright and fragrant flowers in an elliptical display are an excellent gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

3.   Vertical Flower Arrangements

The vertical floral arrangement is a massive hit at the banquet halls and the reception desk of hotels. Here you use a collection of buds in various shapes and sizes from the flower delivery in Ho Chi Minh offering a tall structure.

4.   Horizontal Flower Arrangements

If you want a floral show for your centre table from the flower delivery in Hanoi online, the horizontal arrangement is the best choice. Buds of various hues remain placed in a zig-zag fashion to attract viewers.

5.   Triangular Flower Arrangements

Similar to vertical displays, the triangular presentation also goes well at banquet halls. Florists place large flowers in middle and smaller ones with leaves at edges. You may trim and reshape the foliage to display a triangular shape.

6.   Crescent-Shaped Flower Arrangements

If you have a classy and sophisticated taste, the crescent flower alignment is the best choice for you. Here you decorate freshly plucked flowers in the shape of a ‘C’. You may wrap the presentation with a decorative transparent paper to retain the shape.

7.    S-Shaped Flower Arrangements

Similar, to the crescent-shaped decoration, the S-shaped display also exudes elegance and sophistication. It stands upright and attracts viewers with its timeless beauty.

8.   Oval-Shaped Flower Arrangements

As the name suggests, this arrangement takes an oval shape after finishing. The entire decoration offers a dense, luxurious look befitting the taste of owners.

9.   Cascade Flower Arrangement

The cascade flower arrangement is the best gift for marriages and wedding anniversaries. You require an extensive collection of buds, leaves, and accessories to give shape to this decoration.

These are the top nine types of classy flower arrangements that you can opt for when sending a bouquet to someone.

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