Lilies are one of the most loved flowers around the world due to their lively colors as well as amazing fragrance. These are some of the flowers that are available in more than 100 different types of species and surprisingly some of them have no fragrance. 

The stunning rainbow range of beautiful colors and fascinating shapes & sizes of lilies often make them a dream for flower arrangers. Not only this, but lilies are also the perfect gift for your dear ones to make them feel special on any occasion. 

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Lilies are the most colorful and dramatic blooms that are cherished and revered by several people around the globe. Apart from their popular scent profiles, there are several other reasons to love this prevalent flower.

Lily symbolism

The story of the origin of lily is linked to Greek mythology, where the Goddess Hera made lilies on earth when she dropped a few drops of her breast milk. Since then lily is connected with rebirth as well as motherhood because Hera is considered as the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and women. 

You need to know that lilies have different meanings throughout diverse cultures. But mainly lilies mean rebirth, grace, beauty as well as royalty. This is the reason why lilies bouquet is considered best for making your special one’s day. 

  • Yellow lilies signify good health, happiness, and gratitude
  • White lilies represent innocence, purity, and virtue
  • Orange lilies signify pride, confidence and prosperity 
  • Pink lilies are known for affluence and richness
  • Red lilies represent love and desire
  • White lilies signify innocence, purity, and virtue

You need to know that lilies are blessed with regal-ness and purity which makes them a common feature in necessary rituals like celebrations, weddings, and coronations. 

Types of Lilies That Make You Feel Fresh 

Here are some of the amazing types of lilies that you need to know:

Asiatic Hybrid

These are the most famous lilies in the world that are not only attractive but also long-lasting at the same time. You can find them in different colors and they are known to have little or no scent. 

Martagon Hybrid

These are small delicate downward-facing flowers that look extremely beautiful. Martagon is widely demanded in the market due to their attractive look, while they are available in different eye-catchy colors. 

Candidum Hybrid

Candidum hybrid is quite popular for the Madonna lily that is known to have a lovely scent. Madonna lily has white flowers along with a yellow base. You can find almost 20 blooms per stem.  

American Hybrid 

It includes hybrids of wild lilies in North America mainly tiger lily that looks beautiful and pretty. 

Longiflorum Hybrid 

This hybrid includes an Easter lily that is trumpet-shaped along with pure white in color. The flowers of this hybrid bloom at the time of easter. 

Therefore, these are some amazing types of lilies that make you feel fresh with their stunning fragrance. If you are looking for an online shop that offers Vietnam gifts online like lily bouquets for different occasions then Vietnams Florist is perfect for you. 

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