A clean and healthy scalp is a necessity for thick hair growth. Moreover, it is imperative to pay attention to your food habits. Most women and men wish to have healthy hair. Women, in particular, need thick, long, lustrous hair, but only some are blessed with it. Naturally, it is vital to have a healthy scalp, but you cannot neglect your diet at any cost. You Should Eat Food that promotes Hair Growth Daily & follow this hair care tips which can result in you having smooth and silky hair. Hair that is silky or smooth is an indication of good internal health. The cells that make single hair strands continuously need the minerals and vitamin supplements. The tough protein keratin is vital to grow long and strong hair. To avoid frizzy, dull hair and promote healthy, lustrous hair, your diet must include the best food for hair growth. A nutritious diet can encourage hair development. Keratin protein-containing cells make up each hair strand. Eat well for longer, shinier hair.  

In addition, most of us have experienced common hair issues, including hair loss, dullness, breakage, and slower hair development. However, this issue has multiplied in modern times because of COVID hair loss, a well-known side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, a number of variables, such as sex, genetics, and age, affect the thickness and health of hair. To have a strong, shiny thick hair on scalp having a control on a good diet can be the changing factor.  

To encourage rapid hair growth, what is the finest food option to include? Well, here’s a compiled list of foods that are particularly beneficial for hair and is recommended to be included in the everyday diet for amazing hair growth.  

  • Eggs   
  • Nuts & Seeds  
  • Leafy Green Vegetables  
  • Carrots  
  • High-Vitamin Citrus Fruits  
  • Whole Grain   
  • Avocado   
  • Soybeans  
  • Cinnamon   

1. Protein Is Found in Eggs  

It is essential to include enough protein in your diet as protein makes your hair. Keratin is the protein that makes up hair, and Eggs are one of the best natural sources of keratin protein.  

2. Nuts and seeds for EPA and DHA  

Omega-3 fatty acids inspire the nourishment and thickening of the hair. Our body cannot make Omega 3- good fats; hence it should be consumed and included in our food. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in almonds and walnuts, also known as dry fruits, for hair growth. Apart from this, nuts there are seeds like flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds provide vital fats, and they are also a perfect mid-meal snack that is completely healthy. Other than fish, there are incredible sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Almonds are the best food source of omega 3   

3. Iron present in green leafy vegetables  

Iron is a necessary mineral, and your hair cells need it. As a matter of fact, you can face hair loss issues on a lack of iron in the body. Oxygen and nutrients are not adequately carried to the hair roots and follicles when your body is low on iron, which can hinder development and leave your strands fragile. Green leafy vegetable such as Spinach is the best food for hair, and one should try to include Spinach and green veggies in their meal.  

4. Carrots are high Vitamin A contents 

For rapid hair growth, consume carrot juice daily. The fastest growing tissues of the body are found in the hair and every cell needs vitamin A to thrive. Additionally, it aids in the production of natural sebum oil that keeps the roots and the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth.  

5. Citrus Fruits for Your Vitamin C Dose  

Our body needs Vitamin C to absorb iron which is why it is essential that one includes citrus fruits in their diet. Nutritionists advise that one lime every day should be consumed to include the daily intake of vitamin C. Make yourself a cool lime drink with honey or a healthy substitute for refined sugar. Another fantastic option is oranges. Moreover, it is necessary to have vitamin C for collagen synthesis, which strengthens the capillaries connected to the hair shafts and ensures a steady supply of nutrients for hair development and nutrient.   

6. Consume Whole Grains to Get Biotin  

Along with iron, zinc, and B vitamins, whole grains are biotin-rich foods for hair growth. The production of amino acids (protein), which are necessary for the growth of your hair, depends on Biotin, which is also essential for cell division.  

7. Vitamin E and avocado  

Vitamin E enhances blood flow and makes follicles function more effectively, encouraging hair growth. Additionally, it keeps the equilibrium of the oil and PH levels, which is out of balance and block hair follicles and prevent hair growth. Avocados are an amazing source of vitamin E and it contains good amount of monounsaturated fats that are healthy for heart. You can include it in a green smoothie or add it to your breakfast salad.  

8. Soybeans  

Soybeans are a great source of iron, magnesium and vitamin B2 in abundance. The dihydrotestosterone harm hair and soybeans tend to prevent its production. The vitamins, manganese, Omega 3 fatty acids that are found in soybeans assists in transforming the damaged and dry hair into healthy, strong and lustrous. Therefore, soybeans and their derivatives are the best food for hair growth and thickness.  

9. Cinnamon   

Your hair will experience various benefits from the cinnamon spice. It doesn’t just promote hair development but also makes it look and feel superior. Cinnamon’s have antibacterial qualities, and the polyphenols in this spice function as organic antioxidants that prevent the scalp from dandruff and infections. However, ensure to not use concentrated cinnamon oil excessively as it can cause allergies. It is a good idea to carry out a patch test before using cinnamon. The riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and C in cinnamon improves the hair health tremendously.  


In simple words, to help strengthen your hair follicles and grow healthy and thick hair, boost your intake of antioxidant flavonoids. By following proper nutrient meals enhances the health of your hair thickness. Promote blood circulation, which amplifies the supply of nutrients to follicles. Food with high protein get thick and healthy hair. Your hair can benefit insignificantly through the brand’s critical nutrients. So, an ideal diet for healthy hair includes Vitamin C and E along with Biotin and iron.