When it comes to handbags, the different types and designs of them are so many that you would always find a new one, each time you go shopping. For handbag lovers, having a piece of each of the designs is a must. Here is a list of all the different types of handbags available along with their specific uses for the latest fashion & lifestyle.

1. Shoulder Bag

A bag designed to be worn on a shoulder. They are the most functional of all. Shoulder bags are usually of medium to large size and can store all your daily functional items. Straps of these bags can be either long or short.

2. Backpack purse

A casual kind of bag, backpack purse is worn on the back which makes it very comfortable to carry. They come in sizes in which you can store a lot of – These are small, casual, horseshoe-shaped bags usually with a flip cover. They have a rounded bottom with a long strap that allows the bag to be worn crossbody. 

3. Folder purse

These are specifically used to carry important documents because of which they stand upright. The folder purse has stiff sides and a long strap for convenient and safe carrying. This is sort of a business purpose small handbag.

4. Pouch bag

this is nothing but a pouch with a single zip. Usually a small size bag, this is useful only when you have a few things to carry like just a mobile phone and a few money/cards. 

5. Messenger bag

Messenger bags are nothing but courier bags, with medium size and a long strap to be worn crossbody. These bags have a fold-over top which is closed with a clasp. They are easy to carry and versatile in use.

6. Doctor’s bag

The doctor’s bag has a firm bottom and short handle. The bag always stands upright because of the rigid frame. It is very spacious 

7. Crossbody bag

These bags have a long strap which makes them easy to be worn across the body on the shoulder. 

8. Baguette bag

This bag resembles the shape of a French Baguette. It is small and narrow in shape. The strap is short and goes well with dresses. 

9. Wristlet

this is a small wallet/ clutch that has a loop-shaped wrist strap to be worn on a wrist. 

10. Bowling bag

These are casual, large size bags with a dome-like shape. 

 11. Clutch

Clutches are small handbags carried under the arm. They don’t have any straps or handles and are used to carry only very minimal items. 

12. Barrel bag

Barrel bag comes in a cylindrical shape and usually has a large size. These bags have a long strap to allow easy carrying of the weight of the bag.  

13. Tote bag

this is a larger size bag, with usually an open-top compartment and two handles. The bottom of the bag is flat-shaped and is carried both on the shoulders and hands. Tote bags are casual wear. 

14. Bucket bag

Similar to a basket bag except that its base is rectangular/round. This bag resembles a bucket shape and comes with a drawstring closure and a long strap with short handles. 

15. Duffle bag

Duffle bags come in large, cylindrical sizes, with rounded ends and a long strap for easy carry. Most duffle bags are large and better suited for casual and athletic wear.

16. Minaudiere

The Minaudiere is a small hard-cased handbag. It usually features decorative and embellished crystals, colored stones, gems, pearls. 

17. Envelope clutch

The Envelope Clutch features an envelope-like triangular flap closing. The Envelope Clutch is sealed by magnets, unlike a standard clutch that includes zippers.

18. Sling bag

A very small size casual bag, a sling bag has a long strap for crossbody wear.  

19. Hobo Bag

For fast carrying on your shoulders, the Hobo Bag has a slouchy shape and usually has a long flat shoulder strap and scooped middle.

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Get the bag that suits your purpose. Avoid mixing a casual bag on an official or family party and similarly don’t carry a formal design handbag for casual traveling and shopping purposes. You can easily find the perfect handbags for each of your different uses and purposes.

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