As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”. Unless you are going fishing and hoping for some free bait, worms are hardly a reason for humans to get up early. Even so, the benefits of waking up early are quite a few. 

What are the advantages, then?  

Are you thinking about the benefits of waking up at 4 am, or does it seem painfully early? Here’s an explanation of why it is a good idea and worthwhile.   

More personal time  

If you live with other humans — little ones or adults — getting up early could give you some much-needed (and desperately wanted) time for yourself. You can sip on your coffee in your own time while reading a newspaper or enjoying the silence before you are ready to face the hectic day at work.  

More time to exercise  

Getting up early can be the solution if working out or exercising is essential to you, but you frequently struggle to find the time. By exercising first thing in the morning, you avoid the temptation to skip exercises later in the day due to a job or social engagement or just plain old exhaustion. While talking about feeling fatigued, here’s another benefit of working out in the morning: Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost your energy.   

A shorter wait in traffic  

It is generally a benefit to be early riser and leave the house early in order to avoid the regular traffic. Not merely time and money are saved when there is less traffic. Also, it can assist in safeguarding your health and well-being because studies have associated sitting in traffic with:  

  • stress  
  • dependable source depression  
  • difficulties with respiratory aggression and fury  

More time to complete tasks  

Ever wished you had more time in the day to accomplish your goals? POOF! If you set your alarm an hour or two sooner than expected, your wish will come true. If you require a little additional time, rising early allows you to do tasks without interruption.  

Greater sleep  

According to a research-validated source, persons who get up early tend to retire to bed sooner and have longer, higher-quality naps. Several advantages come with getting adequate sleep, including:  

  •  improved disposition, increased focus  
  • reduced risk of obesity and other chronic illnesses  

On the other hand, insufficient rest can:  

  • Damage your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness;   
  • increase your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease;   
  • interfere with your sex drive; which may imply an increase in energy  

It’s true More energy is typically a result of better sleep. It makes sense that you would wake up feeling more rested and ready for the day ahead if you went to bed earlier and had better quality sleep.  

Flawless skin  

Difficult nights can leave you with fine lines, wrinkles, pallor, and puffy or droopy eyelids on your skin. Lack of sleep can also make acne worse. Sleep well to maintain good skin. Your skin regenerates while you sleep, and enhanced blood flow and collagen work to repair UV and environmental damage.  

Also, getting to bed earlier (before you are entirely out of breath) allows you more time to care for your skin, like cleaning your face. Thus, don’t be shocked if you awaken with less dark circles.  

You may say goodbye to dark circles as long as you combine benefits of early rising with going to bed earlier so you aren’t compromising sleep. That’s because shadows cast by under-eye puffiness induce dark circles. Why is that puffiness there? Fluids accumulate due to lack of sleep which causes puffiness. 

More time for breakfast  

By rising earlier, you’ll have more time to prepare and savor a hearty breakfast rather than grabbing a hasty coffee and donut on the run. A healthy breakfast can help you feel fuller for longer and have more energy for the rest of the day.  

Aids in concentration  

When you first get out of bed, you will experience frequent confusion and drowsiness because the brain does not immediately begin to function. This sleep inertia is a typical aspect of waking up. Even so, it can persist for an hour or longer, making it difficult to focus and complete tasks if you rush to go out the door. You can concentrate better if you get up earlier since you have more time to awaken completely.  

What causes someone to get up early?  

Some people wake up early for a variety of reasons, not all of which is their choice. Some folks don’t get enough sleep and get up too early. This kind of insomnia can result from the following:  

  • mental health issues, such as either worry or despair  
  • hormone changes brought on by menopause or pregnancy can cause sleeplessness.  
  • controlling stress  

Getting up early and feeling exhausted? It can assist in learning stress management techniques. Consider these examples:  

  • yoga breathing exercises  
  • establishing a sleeping pattern  
  • discussing health issues with your healthcare provider  

Some early risers also have hereditary predispositions. Researchers analyzed data from approximately 700,000 people in one study Trusted Source and discovered 351 genetic markers that may help some people feel more aware in the morning, and others feel more alert at night.  

Tips for getting up earlier  

The following pointers can help you with adjusting to the thought of getting up early if you really wish to do so:  

  • Increase your alarm time gradually: Set your alarm to 15 minutes earlier each day for a week and progressively advance the clock to the desired setting. Try going to bed earlier to avoid feeling exhausted and make things simpler.    
  • Encourage yourself: Waking up early shouldn’t feel like a hardship because if it does, you’ll be less motivated to do it. Use the extra time to achieve other accomplishments that can add happiness to your life, such as indulging in morning yoga or meditation session. Start with your work early so you can finish and have time to catch up with your friends. It will help you in staying motivated.  
  • Gratify yourself: Consider rewarding yourself by reminding yourself of the advantages of rising early, but if not enough, self-bribery is always an option. Think about it: You’ll have time to check your clothes twice before leaving or to stop at your favorite coffee shop for that luscious coffee-chino something-or-other.  
  • Leave your bedroom right away: Staying in bed after you are awake alluring you into going back to sleep which could result in being late or leave you with a sluggish feeling. If you leave the bedroom upfront, you will be able to resist the urge to sleep.  

The conclusion  

While rising early may have significant advantages, getting a good night’s rest is unnecessary. It’s acceptable if you need extra sleep or simply want to sleep a bit later. “Early to bed, early to wake” isn’t for everyone. Happy dreams!