Did you know that the salon environment plays a key role while conducting the lashing process? Yes, many experts might disagree on this, but the studio’s general settings affect the procedure and retention of the lash. 

To make your work easier, this post will educate you in detail about the simple tricks that every lash and brow professional should know. 

Tips For Creating The Perfect Environment For Lashing: 

  1. Check For The Room Temperature and Humidity: 

The most pertinent factors affecting the process are room temperature and humidity. Not many people know this, but the adhesive used in the lashes is acrylic resins that harden after coming in contact with the moisture in the air.  

Similarly, the room temperature is also paramount as it helps in speeding up the drying time. If by any chance, the environment is scorching, the lashes will cure faster, and in cold temperatures, the glue dries off slowly. 

  1. Create A Perfect Environment: 

If you are a professional dealing with lash extensions, you already know about the importance of a humidifier. The device is a perfect addition to your work area as it helps control the humidity level in the room.  

Also, if you feel that the humidity is higher, adjust the room temperature to a lower side. This helps create a perfect environment that is easier to work with. 

  1. Select Adhesives That Have A High Drying Time: 

Certain adhesives are used in lash extensions near me that dry quickly when exposed to less humidity. Thus, depending on the type of environment you are subjected to, choose the adhesives that will dry faster without accumulating on the lashes. 

Things Lash Artists Can Opt For To Control Humidity: 

Often, it is seen that, apart from the points mentioned above, lash artists opt for a specific brigade of things that make their work easier. They are: 

  • Make use of a nano mist spray that injects a fine mist of dry air into the salon environment. This helps in speeding up the glue drying process.  
  • A lash extension primer is a handy tool for every lash and brow professional must-have. It not only extracts the excess oil but also creates a magnetic pull kind of effect that quickens the drying time. 
  • Keep the extension base at your reach as it helps accelerate the adhesive’s drying time. 
  • Last but not least add loads of plants to your lashing area. Plants release a lot of moisture into the air, which tackles the problem of humidity drops naturally. 


Lash extensions are one of the most-opted cosmetic procedures nowadays. Thus, follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above and help create a flawless look for your clients every time. Make all looks stand out, in style. 

The article summarizes various pointers that shall be kept in mind to replicate the ideal lashing environment for cent percent success. 

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