Out of everything that makes makeup look perfect, it is an eyeliner that precisely adds to the glam. Whether casual or occasional, eyeliner adds to the beauty and prepares you for every occasion, regardless of its reason. A single stroke that holds the most weight, the eyeliner application, is often confused and keeps us in a dilemma about its application. Making it convenient for you to understand the significance of different types of strokes, here are five ways you can wear eyeliner for other occasions and stun your look with grace and elegance. 

Look 1: Casual Liner

  • Line only your upper outer eyelid for a casual look
  • Use the best eyeliner pencil for this look, but one can use liquid-based waterproof ink too.
  • Use the liner to dot onto your upper lid, as close to the eyelashes as possible.
  • Use a q-tip, the sponge tip on the opposite end, or even your fingertip(clean) to blend the dots.
  • For wide-set eyes, line the upper lid to make them look closer, and line the outer half or two-thirds of the eyelid for close-set eyes for a more comprehensive look.
  • You can rock this look without other eye makeup like mascara and eye shadow.

Look 2: Perfect for work

  • Start with applying a neutral eye-shade
  • Line only the outermost corners of your upper and lower lashes
  • Use the dot-on and then dab and connect method.
  • Blend the liner at the corners in an angled shape and smudge it for a softer look.
  • Curl your lashes and apply brown mascara for a ‘professional’ look.
  • This works best with close-set eyes and gives a very subtle flattering effect.

Look 3: Daytime to evening eyes.

  • The first step is to line the upper and lower outer lid.
  • You can use thick or thin lines, depending on your preference. Classically, a thicker line goes well with a larger lid, while a thin, sharp line is preferred on a smaller lid.
  • Use the dot method for the lower lid and smudge it to create the effect of the lower eyelashes.
  • You can also choose to line from your inner lashes to your outer lashes.
  • Adding a layer of eyeshadow will add in just the correct “Wow” factor and highlight your eyes.
  • For the final step, curl your eyelashes and apply one coat of black mascara.

Look 4: Evening out

  • For an intense look, line the upper and lower outer lid and line the inner rim of your lower lid (ensure clean and sanitized hand while doing this)
  • Apply a shimmery light shade shadow on the half of your eye.
  • Use the darker shade from the midpoint to the edge and the crease.
  • Using a light hand, apply a line on your upper outer lid with the dot method.
  • For greater intensity, use the second layer of eyeliner or line again with a powder eye shadow.
  • Use fingers of the opposite hand to gently pull down your lower lid while lining the inner rim of your eyes.
  • You can line the entire rim, the outer half, or just a tiny portion in the middle.
  • Always use pencil eyeliner instead of shadow or liquid lining the rims.

Look 5: Party eyes

  • If you want to pull the glamorous look, follow the given steps.
  • Cover the entire lid with a dark shade or a deep bronze eye shadow if the trends are to be followed.
  • Apply a lighter shade of the chosen color to the lid’s crease.
  • Line out the upper outer rims with either pencil or waterproof eyeliner pencil. Repeat the process for inner rims
  • Apply powder eye shadow over the eyeliner on both upper and lower rims.
  • Smudge the eye shadow with your finger, cotton swab, or brush to obtain the desired smoky, stunning effect.
  • Now, fully line the inner rims of your upper and lower lids.
  • Apply two coats of lengthening mascara. Use your finger to blend all this into a mosaic effect slightly.
  • Voila! You are ready to rock the evening.

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