It is fairly easy to get this complex procedure, provided you qualify for it. The process requires ample bone mass in the front jawbone and molar, which is crucial for this surgery. There are many advantages of getting this procedure, which can ensure a fresh row of the pearly whites with minimal hassle.


One of the main attractors for the painless all on 4 surgery is that it provides attractive solutions, considering the economical cost of the procedure. Instead of the traditional 6 implants per arch, this provides 4 implants per arch, meaning that it is a cost-effective solution.

Recovery time

This process takes about one and a half months for complete recovery, which is still a relatively short time when compared to the other procedures, which may or may not reap the desired results. Once set, you can of back to eat as you wish, and whatever you wish to, without restricting yourself due to painful teeth.

Bone preservation

This surgery provides all on 4 beautiful smiles, with beautiful rows of pearly whites sparkling brilliantly with each smile. The process also ensures that the jawbone disintegration does not happen, and therefore, preserves the jawbone, as is. This ensures that there is no fear of deterioration due to lack of root and teeth, which is closely associated with losing the facial structure with age.

Reduced possibility of periodontal diseases

There are far fewer chances of any periodontal disease, a bacterial disease, and inflammatory diseases. Unfortunately, periodontal diseases are closely linked to strokes, heart attacks, and other chronic and serious diseases.

While it can be challenging to find the best dentist to conduct this procedure, it is imperative to find the best one with ample experience to have hassle-free surgery that can ensure you a dazzling smile in no time. 

The all-on-4 implants have many advantages over the regular procedures and one of the most important ones is that it prevents, or at least reduces bone atrophy with age; the outcomes of this complex surgery are usually positive with significantly reduced healing time. Finding the most-suited, best dentist for all on 4 surgery is not difficult, although requires thorough research before committing.

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