Your living room is the centre of attraction of your home. Giving it the best look is often your intention or if not then should be. Remodelling your living room to make it look more attractive in your eyes and that of the guests means a lot of confusing choices and money. Homeowners always tend to have a living room that appears warm and unique. So if you are planning to remodel it then consider these trendy looks to give your living room the best appeal.

•Create a Focal Point – Living room is the first attraction of your home so giving it a good look aesthetically is important. It’s the place where you generally relax, sit and talk with your family and entertain your guests. A beautiful focal point enhances the appearance of your living room. You can choose among art price, vintage mirror, feature wall, large window, bookshelf, fireplace or even television as the focal point on the feature wall. Make sure to set the furniture around this focal point to give the room an attractive look.

•Experiment with layers for comfort and style – Whenever thinking about remodelling, try out with different colours, patterns and textures. Using different layers enhances the appeal and comfort. Adding layers of textures or colours improves interior décor and comfort of the residents. A combination of leather sofa with fur carpet on the ground gives a cosy look. Textured materials like raw silk, open weave, velvet and taffeta give a beautiful appeal. You can also choose from so many accessories.

•Choose a Neutral Colour Palette – You can start with choosing a neutral colour combination like ivory, beige, grey and shades of white. Neutral shades adds bold elements and gives the space a larger look by highlighting the furnishings. Neutral colours suit with every design style like vintage, modern, eclectic.

•Lighting of the living room – Lights play a very prominent role in amplifying the appearance. There are many attractive lighting features of design and colours specific to each mood settings like ambient, dark, light, vibrant, colourful etc. Choose among these light designs like track lights, chandeliers, landscape lights, ceiling lights, accent lights, spotlights, pendants, table lamps and floor lamps to give an aesthetic look and special effects to your living room.

•Consider the Flooring – Flooring often neglected is actually very important part of your living room. Aesthetic flooring can really amplify your living room. Focus on the durability and effect on the overall appeal while choosing among floor tiles, carpet, marble, granite and wooden flooring.

•Furniture – A living room should typically have a sofa capacity beyond the count of your family to accommodate guests as well. But do not go for a huge sofa, separate chairs can be placed with your designer sofa. An attractive table should be placed at the centre of the seating arrangement.

•Accessorize – Accessories give a finishing touch to the living room. It doesn’t need any expert skills, just choose among the different art pieces, mirrors, flowers, ceramic displays, cushions, candle stands, wind charms, indoor plants or anything else that suits your taste and preferences. Colourful curtains and blinds add a unique attractiveness.

Make sure that while remodelling your living room all the different elements mentioned above blend with each other. Remember that a living room should always look refreshing and appear as big and not overstuffed. Emptiness is not bad, simplicity often speaks a lot about the living area giving it a pleasant look. The living room is the most crucial part of house so consider the above-mentioned tips when remodelling your living room to give it a trendy look. Lifestylenmore provides various tips on lifestyle ideas and inspiration, follow the blog to get latest tips and trends on home and lifestyle living.

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