All jewels are the result of a solitary component: carbon. To turn into a Fancy Color Diamond, these carbon gemstones need to encounter a characteristic peculiarity so uncommon that it just happens in 1 out of every 10,000 jewels. Normal radiation, serious strain and intensity, and the fuse of other regular components, like boron and nitrogen, during the development of the stone, are answerable for making these interesting, extravagant varieties. Diamonds have been going through these interesting cycles for billions of years, and are at last pushed forward from the Earth’s hull by volcanic blasts, ready to be found.

Most uncommon Fancy Colored Diamonds

Extravagant Red Diamonds

The most uncommon Fancy Colored Diamonds are red, green, blue, orange, and purple. Red variety jewels are framed when they go through massive strain and stress during their creation which causes twisting in the precious stone grid structure, making particles become dislodged. These sweet apple-hued jewels are among the most extraordinary, generally important, and generally exceptionally desired of every single extravagant precious stone.

Extravagant Blue Diamonds

Similarly interesting is the extravagant blue. There are two kinds of extravagant blue jewels, Type IIb and Type Ia. The vast majority of the world’s blue jewels are Type IIb and owe their variety to the component boron present in the carbon cross-section, which permits power to go through the stone. It is felt that the boron found in these blue precious stones started profoundly inside the Earth’s seas. These jewels just record 0.1% of every mined precious stone. Type Ia blue precious stones are mixed with hydrogen and record for even less of the world’s blue diamonds.

Extravagant Green Diamonds

Green fancy diamonds are unimaginably intriguing and very significant. Their desirable variety is the aftereffect of millions of long stretches of innocuous, regular radiation that the precious stone encounters from profound inside the Earth. Alpha radiation causes a lighter green tone, while beta and gamma radiation produce a more extravagant, more profound green tone. The radiation dislodges the carbon particles inside the jewel, changing light going through the stone, consequently making the precious stone interpretation of a green tint. What makes green jewels particularly intriguing is that the radiation they experience doesn’t influence the whole stone. This implies that the green tone might show up just in certain pieces of the jewel, and can without much of a stretch be lost when the stone is being cut or faceted.

Extravagant Orange Diamonds

Orange jewels follow the position as being one of the most uncommon precious stone tones. These diamonds are mixed with nitrogen, which ingests blue light, and can accomplish the title of an extravagant orange if no hint of earthy colored tone is available. An orange precious stone is as intriguing, while possibly not much more interesting, than a red, blue, or pink jewel. Similarly, as with every single extravagant variety, the further the jewel is shaped in the Earth, the more extravagant the orange variety immersion will be.

Extravagant Purple Diamonds

Purple precious stones are generally broken into two classifications, which are both extraordinarily intriguing and difficult to find: Pure violet and purple. Unadulterated violets, whose variety vibration is the most noteworthy in the apparent light range, owe their variety to a mixture of hydrogen inside the jewel. Purple jewels, like pinks, are brought about by mishappenings in the precious stone’s subatomic construction.

Most Common Fancy Colors

Extravagant Yellow Diamonds

Almost 60% of all Fancy Color Diamonds are yellow jewels, making them the most plentiful and well-known of the regular shaded precious stones. Yet, being the most plentiful variety jewel doesn’t mean they are not uncommon – they are. The shade of yellow precious stones territory from pale lemon to clear canary tone.

Extravagant Pink Diamonds

Pink precious stones contain no regular component other than carbon. Consequently, the beginning of their ruddy tone was obscure for quite a while. This oddity can be credited to a pressure disfigurement in the gem grid during the jewel development process and is uncommon to the point that under 1% of the world’s precious stones are pink.


It is unbelievably uncommon to Find a solitary shaded diamond. A solitary purple, green, or red jewel will request the greatest costs because of its outrageous shortage. Variety modifiers, by and large, decrease the worth of a given Fancy Color Diamond. You’ll need to ensure your jewel is a real one and know about your choices in styling and plan if you get lucky enough to purchase Colored Diamonds for Sale. 

Similarly, as with any diamond, a Fancy Color Diamond should be reviewed face to face to decide its actual worth. T Star Limited‘s extravagantly prepared Fancy Colour Diamonds are known for their quality and worth.


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