When it comes to achieving smudge-free, crease-free makeup, the struggle is real. However, a makeup setting spray can help you get rid of this struggle with just one or two spritzes. Read further to know how a makeup setting spray can help control the look of your makeup. 

Who doesn’t like to attend parties and events, all decked up in glamorous outfits and gorgeous makeup looks? But for all-day parties, as the day passes by, your makeup may start melting and smudging. As a result, you may end up having a cakey and blotchy face. This is where a makeup fixing spray comes to your rescue.  

The main purpose of a setting spray is to seal your makeup and keep it intact and flawless throughout the day. Also, a setting spray can mattify your oily skin and keep your dry skin hydrated and glowing. If you have a setting spray at your service then you do not need frequent touch-ups. Read further to know how a setting spray can control your makeup look. 

How to use a setting spray to control the look of your makeup  

Here are a few tips on how to make the best use of a setting spray, to keep your makeup free from smudging and creasing. 

Choose the right setting spray: There are different types of setting sprays available, depending on different skin types. If you have dry skin then a hydrating setting spray can give your skin a dewy finish in just a few seconds. On the other hand, if you have oily skin then you can use a mattifying setting spray that can remove the excess oil from your skin. If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation then consider a gentle setting spray that soothes your skin. 

Shake the setting spray bottle vigorously: Sometimes, some of the ingredients present in a setting spray may settle at the bottom of the bottle. This is why you should always shake the spray bottle vigorously to mix all the components. This ensures effective results. You can use a Forever52 setting spray if you are looking for a good-quality setting spray. 

Spritz in an X and T pattern: To achieve the best results, you must make sure that the setting spray covers your entire face uniformly. For this, always spray at a distance of approximately six to eight inches from your face. This way, the setting spray will sit on every area of your face. To ensure further coverage, you can spritz the spray in an X pattern followed by a T pattern. 

Allow the setting spray to dry: After spritzing the setting spray across your face, allow it to air-dry. This way, your skin will fully absorb the spray and as a result, your makeup will set in place. Allowing the setting spray to dry on its own will prevent your makeup from smudging or melting. So instead of rushing for your event, be patient and let the spray fully dry. 


If you follow these tips and suggestions then you can achieve flawless-looking, smudge-proof makeup with the help of a setting spray. If used the right way, a makeup setting spray can lock your makeup and prevent it from sliding down your face all day long. Also, you should invest in a setting spray that has long-lasting effects, such as a Forever 52 makeup fixer. However, always choose a spray depending on your skin type. 

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