Most of the time we are preoccupied with the daily routines and just want to survive and be safe. We are stuck up in the daily tic-toes of life. It is important to find happiness and joy in life.   One needs to practice cultivating happiness. It is an art to learn to live life happily and joyfully.   

How to live life happily?

The following lifestyle tips and advice will help you get lifestyle ideas and inspiration for leading a happy life. 

1. Look at the positive side 

It is important to find happiness in everything we do. It is important to change your mind from negative to positive mindset. Think about the positives in your life. This will bring you positive energy and if you practice it again and again it will become a habit and most of the time you will feel happier.   

Develop the feeling of gratitude for everything you have in life and you will find everything beautiful. Even if things are not working the right way, try and view them from a positive light. Never underestimate anyone or anything, just look at the brighter side!! 

2. Celebrate every moment

Every moment of your life is a celebration. We have a lot of ups and downs in life. Don’t let anything affect you and celebrate all the moments. Celebrate small success and enjoy every moment to make your life meaningful. 

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3.  Strike a work-life balance

Work occupies most of our life, we are so busy with our daily schedules that we forget to pursue our interests and hobbies which are very important for leading a good life. One should strike a work-life balance and explore the real meaning of life by pursuing things of your interest and spending time with your dear and near ones.    

4. Develop Affirmation

One should accept the life as it comes and develop a habit of affirmation to find peace and to decrease stress. This will help you to deal with various difficult situations of your life.   

5. Get Creative

Creative minds are always engaged in creative activities which make you happier. You may spend time using your imagination and being more creative and enthusiastic, this will make you happier in the long run. Such creative activities can include following anything of your passion.    

6. Accept yourself as you are

Many of us feel that we are imperfect in many ways. But perfection is impossible to achieve for any human being.  Everyone has their own flaws but that is alright. You should accept yourself as you are. All of us are beautiful in different ways. We should feel good in what we are.  

7. Do what you enjoy

We can get real happiness if we do what we enjoy. You should think about what your passion is and you should explore that. Do the work that you like. This will keep you very happy and satisfied.   

8. Live in the present

Our thoughts and feelings revolve around the past or future, we should experience the joy of the present moment. This ways you will be able to live in your present and enjoy it.   

9. Learn the habit of giving back

You should be generous and learn the habit of giving back to the people who really love you and care for you. You should be selfless and be generous with giving back your money. The feeling of giving will make you happy, healthy and satisfied.  

10. Enjoy the ride of life

Life is not very simple but you should learn to enjoy the ride of life. Surprise yourself by setting unusual goals and being outside your comfort zone. Try being in unusual situations and learn to solve these and enjoy the ride of life as it is.  

11. Listen to music                       

Listening to music helps to lift your spirit. It makes you feel better, as music causes your brain to release dopamine and it gives you a happy feeling and a sense of well-being.   

12. Stop worrying

Worry creates anxiety and negative thoughts, these are very toxic for your health. Worry destructs your mind and make you afraid about things that you can’t control. When you worry for things and feel that by worrying bad things will not happen, it’s not right, but rather worry cannot make you experience the real joy.   

13. Hang out with cheerful friends 

Hanging out with friends will give you happiness and joy. You can enjoy and elevate your mood. Long term happiness can be achieve by hanging out with friends and surrounding yourself with happy people.   

14. Go for a nature outing

Nature is a tranquilizer. The beauty of nature imparts real happiness and mental peace. The more time we spend in nature, the greater the happiness that we can receive. Nature imparts positive feelings and thoughts and improves your mental, physical and spiritual health.  

15. Remember happy moments

Remembering happy moments will keep you joyous and you will be able to relate to the love and care of your near and dear ones. This will make you happy and contended. Happy memories create a sense of fulfillment and confidence and you feel more connected to others.  

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