Modular kitchens look amazing in all settings. Try some easy and creative kitchen design trends to give your kitchen a contemporary finish. 

The kitchen has grown to become the focal point of a modern home. The trends in the interior design industry change every now and then. But some designs are ever-lasting. No matter the season or the current trend, you can never go wrong with them.  

Modular kitchens in Mumbai are designed with unique colors, modular furniture, and stylish accessories that give them a seamless finish. In this post, we have discussed the best modular kitchen designs in Mumbai that will be the next big trend in 2023. 

Add Lights 

Whether you are keeping everything neutral or following a dark theme, lights are a must for all modular kitchens. Building large windows to let adequate sunlight in the kitchen has been a trend for a while. But people are so obsessed with a well-illuminated space that they consider everything that can make it brighter and lighter. Neutral colors, matte finishes, and light decor ideas are easy ways to add light to your kitchen. 

A Coveted Island 

Installed at the center, a coveted island is an additional countertop that offers you some extra space to cook food. It also doubles up as the breakfast table. If you have an L-shaped kitchen, add a coveted island to give it a lovely finish. The island makes a perfect option for traditional, modular, and all types of kitchens. You can skip the coveted island if you have an extremely compact kitchen. 

Eco-friendly Designs 

Another common trend is the rise in eco-friendly furniture and designs. A green kitchen layout is exactly what the name suggests. It features cabinetry, drawers, and all accessories sourced ethically and manufactured in the most efficient way. Sustainable choices are here to stay. We see a lot of modular kitchen in Mumbai equipped with wooden cabinetry and natural stone tiles. Even the backsplash wall is made of natural elements. 

Minimal Kitchen 

Metal isn’t confined to the countertops. The modular kitchens feature all-stainless-steel designs where everything, from cabinetry to countertops and appliances, is of steel and other metals. That’s a perfect way to give your space a contemporary finish. If you are constructing a new kitchen or are remodeling the existing one, you can try this metal-and-minimal kitchen trend. 

Experimenting with Colors 

A fresh coat of paint can change an ordinary kitchen into a colorful space where you can spend hours. Choose the colors wisely, as they will set the tone for your kitchen. If you want a bright and airy space, stick to the neutrals.  

Pastel colors make an excellent choice. You can combine blue and white to achieve a modern and minimalist design. If you are fine with bold colors, we’d recommend dark brown countertops and black cabinetry. Navy blue paired with a neutral color also looks lovely. A Dual finish for the cabinetry is a new trend for modular kitchens. You can try that if your budget allows it. 

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