Travelling doesn’t mean you have to look beautiful and stylish just because you take a lot of pictures of yourself! Travelling means to explore, to discover, to admire and to have fun and it is possible only when your travel bag is light and comfortable. Road trips are such a fun to pass the time, create wonderful lasting moments. The possibilities are endless: Mountains, fall foliage, twist and turn roads, ocean views and much more. Whether you are planning a weekend gateway or a cross-country trip, some are beauty products while others are things/gadgets; these are few essential items to carry while travelling

  1. Snacks and Drinks: Load up your bag with drinks and snacks you might want along your way. This is a great way to save money from buying expensive snacks and drinks at gas stations. (Good snack options are few nuts, dried fruit, choice of jerky, cheese sticks, veggies, etc.) Also, if you want you can pack some sandwiches to save from eating out.
  2. First Aid Box for emergency situations: All bikes and cars have a very basic first aid kit and it would be a good idea to top them up with medicines which are used frequently and the ones that are not available easily. You would never know what could happen from feeling ill to falling and getting hurt.
  3. Camera: Make sure to grab your camera for beautiful sunsets, scenery and much more along your way! Nothing better than capturing those special moments that you can save back.
  4. Comfortable clothes, Pillows, Blankets: If you’re travelling with family, you have items like travel pillows and blankets. It makes it great when you don’t agree on a temperature in the car; those chilly can cover up for a little warmth!
  5. Pepper Spray: This is one of the best defense spray products to use. In case of any emergency don’t hesitate to use one.
  6. Peesafe: Another new found product called Peesafe, which is a disinfectant spray. This product is perfect for girls while using public toilets. It helps in keeping you safe from urinal infection.
  7. Deodorant: There will be times when you may have to skip a bath. It happens a many times which helps you to be fresh.
  8. Sunscreen lotions: Using sunscreen lotion with an SPF-30/50 which protects you from skin cancer due to extreme sun rays hitting directly on your skin.
  9. Plastic bags: Plastic bags are really handy and used for rain lining your luggage or for storing wet clothes.
  10. Sanitary Pads: Keeping a sanitary pad in your bag is really essential to deal with those unexpected situations.
  11. Mosquito repellent: Carrying anti mosquito spray/lotion or the goodnight mosquito cards is very important for a bite free sleep. You don’t want to have a sleepless night when you travel.
  12. Spare phone and chargers/power bank: A spare phone and phone chargers are must-haves in your bag. A power bank which is light weight, compact and easily portable and can charge multiple gadgets while roaming around is an essential product while travelling.
  13. Torch/Head Torch: These days everyone has a torch on their phones yet at times their power may not be enough when you are on campaign inside a jungle or for any adventure. Carrying a torch-light is really essential.

Patience is extremely important when travelling. Hope you find the products useful and start carrying a few if not all, while you travel. If you are planning your travel, you can go through popular online travel and lifestyle stores to find travel accessories and blogs on lifestyle and adventure to get a deeper understanding for planning your travel and living in a perfect fashion!!!!!

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