New year is almost here and it’s time to buy some new year plants that ensure a prosperous 2021 ahead. However, you must be wondering that how buying a plant can ensure a wealthy new year ahead. 

On the very first day of the year, everyone prays to have a happy and peaceful life and also hopes that the new year brings lots of happiness in their life. 

You must be aware of the fact that with time, air pollution is increasing and cities around the globe are becoming polluted. So, in this new year, bring an indoor plant and contribute to countering air pollution. 

However, you can also gift indoor plants to your loved ones in the new year because they are considered one of the best inspirational gift ideasIn this blog, you will come across some plants that you should purchase this new year. 

Just add these indoor plants to your home and you will start experiencing amazing health benefits. 

Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, bamboo is adored for spreading love and good luck in the atmosphere around itself. It is also known as Fugui Zhu where ‘Fugui’ means wealth & rank and ‘Zuhu’ means bamboo. 

Lucky Bamboo will be a perfect pick for you in the new year because it requires very little care and easily survives both in water as well as soil. 

Snake Plant 

Don’t get scared by its name because it has got the name from its thin and upright leaves that often look like snakeskin. Apart from looking cool, it is also a low-maintenance plant that can survive even in lower light levels. 

This plant can filter out nasty chemicals, helping you to maintain fresh air inside your home. So, without having a second thought, bring this plant to your home in the new year. 


Orchid is a beautiful flowering plant that signifies fruitfulness as well as wealth in the coming new year. It also brings luck in relationships. However, among all the diverse orchid colors, violet is considered the most promising one.   

It is always best to keep the plant in indirect bright sunlight. Thus, the orchid plant not only brings happiness to your life but also enhances the beauty of your home décor with its appealing look. 


Pothos is a perfect new year plant that is super easy to grow and maintain. It effectively cleans the air of your room and also relaxes the eyes at the same time. 

This plant absorbs ozone from your home which is considered the most common indoor air pollutant. So, don’t forget to bring Pothos in your home this new year. 


It is one of the best and happy new year plants because Pachira brings fortune and happiness to your home. This plant has dark green color leaves and grows in a pair of five just like a human hand.  

You need to know that number 5 represents the five elements named wood, fire, metal, earth as well as water as per the Feng Shui. It is sure to freshen up your home. 

So, this new year, bring any of these plants and make your life filled with luck & good wealth. These plants will also bring great happiness as well as inspiration to your life. You can also gift these plants to your special ones. 

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