Depending on your location, there are several options for pet sitting and pet kennels or boarding. While there is no accurate answer for this comparison, knowing more about your pet may make it easier for you to make the right decision.

The Differences: Earlier, cat and dog owners only had one option; to put their furry friends at the facility for dog boarding. A cat and dog kennel facility is like a hotel or resort, except that all its guests are pet animals. Their living compartments are designed according to their size and needs.

While, in pet sitting, a professional cat and dog sitter takes care of your furry friends, in your house, while you are away. They will either stay in the house until you return or will visit your home to take care of your furry friends on the days that you are travelling.

Few pets are fine with the dog boarding environment. But some others, feel comfortable at home. This depends on your pet and their personality.

When should you consider a cat and dog kennel or boarding?

If your furry friend is young and adventurous, then a cat and dog kennel facility is a better place for them to be in. You will be at ease knowing that they will be fine getting a lot of attention, and social time, which is needed to make your pet feel happy and be simulated to the kennel environment. If your pet gets destructive in your absence, a cat or dog kennel facility is the best option to keep them safe and prevent them from ruining your home while you are away. Also, pets who do not like getting separated or loneliness will settle better when they receive attention all the time in the kennel.

When should you consider pet sitting?

If you have many pet animals like cats and dogs and other animals too, then pet sitting will be a better option. Generally, pets that have the company of other animals do not feel all that lonely as compared to when they are the only animal at home. Also, if your dog is old and not that active anymore, it is better to allow them to stay in their familiar surroundings to avoid any kind of stress and anxiety. If cats are your pets and they love being on their own even when you are at home, then a cat sitter who will visit them one or two times in a day would be all that you will need.

Few Other Factors:

The outside weather could be a deciding factor on whether to opt for a pet sitting or pet kennel facility. What if there is an unexpected change in weather and your pet sitter cannot make it to your apartment? In such cases, it is better to get a trustworthy neighbour who can enter your house and check your pets in your absence. If that is also not possible, then a pet boarding is the way to go.

One important aspect that you should analyze is the credibility and reputation of the puppy training facility or the cat and dog sitter who will look after your pets.

1. Do your research

2. Get some information beforehand

3. Ask your friends, family, and neighbours if they know any good boarding or kennel facility or if they could suggest a good cat and dog sitter they can trust

4. Check online for reviews about the different cat and dog kennel facilities or pet sitting facilities

5. Check on social media platforms to find what others are saying about their experiences of using these facilities

Once you do a thorough check, you will have concluded where to keep your furry friend when you are travelling.

Whether you select a cat or dog sitter or a kennel or a Randwick vet clinic, the primary objective should be to keep your furry friends in a good and healthy condition while you are away. So, always select an option that will suit your pet the best. After all, you will not want to see your furry friend as frail and unhealthy when you come back from your holidays.

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