Relocating pets is a challenging task and requires the administration of a professional for the best results. This process is quite technical, but pet relocation services have become relatively easy with the help of technology and the latest developments in the industry. Previously, pet transport in India was confusing and required a lot of paperwork, but the process has been simplified to help pet owners move their pets quickly with time. In addition, several pet relocation services are specialized in offering air transport at an affordable fee.

You need to know several things before transporting pets in India, some of which are mentioned below.

When should you use these services:

It is essential to know when to use these services for the best results. Especially when you are moving or traveling far-off places by air, it is advised to use pet relocation services. The company professionals know exactly how to move your pet in the best condition. In addition, the pet transportation services are equipped with the proper cages and supplies to keep your dog safe and sound throughout the journey.

When moving internationally, it is advised to take help from pet relocation companies. When moving abroad with your pet, you need to comply with specific standards, such as the pet should have vaccination and be certified. The relocation companies can handle all these, so it is advised to assist them for the best results. Many pet relocation service providers in India have coordinators who work directly with you and ensure your pet is in the right hands.


Before relocating your pet, ensure that the service provider is certified so that there are no issues in the process of transportation. The drivers undergo a drug test and background check to ensure they are worth it.

Avoid marketplace companies:

 Pet shipping services in India that are certified do not advertise their services on social media and do not take money through popular payment gateways. If a company does such activities, they are not valid, and it should be a red flag. Keeping this in mind will ensure you opt for a genuine and certified pet transport company.


It is essential to have a thorough check online for the best results before opting for their services. Check whether the pet owners have provided their valuable reviews after taking the services. Getting a rough idea on their website will help you invest the money in the right services for your pet’s wellbeing.


Only opt for a company that is responsive to your queries. This means that they should be available on the phone to talk to when you have any inquiries. Also, ensure that they keep updating you from time to time for the best results.


Pet relocation services require to have the above parameters for the best experience. We all love our pets and treat them like our family members. As pet owners, we must ensure they are safe during transit.

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