A kitchen is the center of a home where the heart resides. An innovative and functional kitchen is vital for smooth and pleasant work. Whether you have ample space or want to create a small modular kitchen, making sure it is remarkable and fits the interiors you want is the key. 

While you might have come across many designs you would want to include in your kitchen, understanding the kitchen area and style and designing it from scratch can be vexing. A better understanding of space and interior design can make designing easier. Here are a few small kitchen designs that you can incorporate for the perfect interiors. 

  • Sensible storage 

A small kitchen means you need to manage space to store your items. It is better to declutter your storage materials and only have what you require in the kitchen. This will not only help manage the space but will also make your kitchen look organized and pristine. 

  • Wall-hanging storage 

Keeping floor space is a great way to make your kitchen look spacious. Switch your storage on walls with ceiling-height cabinets. Have stacking shelves in one corner for daily use products to keep them organized. You can even add planters on some shelves for freshness in the kitchen. Another option that can add to aesthetics is having a pegboard wall. It looks great and is an effective way of storing a few kitchen items. 

  • Placement of lights 

Knowing the exact place to fit your lights can elevate kitchen design for small space. You can go for a solid light and place it strategically to avoid shadows. Ceiling lamps or any other fancy light of different colors will create drama and a unique ambiance in your kitchen. 

  • Go for bold colors and prints 

Unlike the traditional belief that used to say that lighter colors are ideal for small kitchen interior design, it is not so. You can go bold with your color options and have dark color cabinets. This will help hide any clutter due to the small space. Also, you can use printed or geometrical flooring to create a spectacle design with light-tone kitchens. This will divert visitors’ attention to the floor rather than the space. 

  • Focus on countertop 

If going bold with colors, a great way to strike a balance would be to have a light-tone marble countertop. This will break the monotonous dark shade from top to bottom and make working easier on lighter shade counters. Other than color, the countertop placement can be a game changer. A parallel or l-shaped kitchen works best in small spaces. 

  • Movable island kitchen 

As it is difficult to have an island-style kitchen in a small space, a small movable island in the kitchen that can fit anywhere can be a solution for your dream island kitchen. You can use it as an extra countertop and also have storage within. 

  • Foldable worktops 

Foldable worktops can save space and act as extra counters whenever needed. You can even use it as a small dining area within the kitchen, along with mounted foldable chairs. 

  • Reflective finishes for your small modular kitchen 

Going for matt finishes for a small kitchen? Try having reflective finishes for kitchen designs. This will create the illusion of having an oversized kitchen. 

  • Have room to breathe 

While you want everything in your kitchen, don’t cover all the available space. Leaving some open spaces is essential to make your kitchen breathable and not feel like a suffocating place to be in. 

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