With the rise in COVID-19 cases, many gym-goers are now working out from home. Working out in a home gym has become increasingly popular and more comfortable as you can access it any time of the day and night, and you don’t have to deal with sweaty people or gym memberships. Many people have even started hosting free workout sessions on weekends. When it comes to starting a home gym, many of you may not own a running machine, weights, a yoga mat, or other fitness equipment, but fear not, we’ve included the best workout gear and gym equipment in Malaysia to help you get started.

  1. A multi-use exercise mat: A fitness mat is widely used at every gym and is multifunctional. What do you use a fitness mat for? Well, for a variety of exercises right from planks to ab exercises and even balance while standing and working out. It works as a cushioned surface to shield your body from sustaining injuries while working out while also providing comfort for stretching and other ground-based exercises.
  2. Dumbbells: Free weights like dumbbells, are widely used to strengthen your upper body and tone your back, thighs, and core. It allows you to work on different muscles, focus on your balance, and achieve flexibility, plus it can be used along with a variety of workouts. When choosing dumbbells, always select weights that you can carry whether its 1kg plates or 2kg bars. Most online sites give you the entire package of dumbbells that come with the weights and the bars.
  3. Barbells: Barbells are multifunctional gym equipment and are widely preferred due to the sheer weight it can handle. A barbell is an excellent piece to add to your home fitness equipment and can help you tone your arms, thighs, and core. They come with easy to grip handles that help you in exercising more effectively and efficiently.
  4. Exercise bench: What are exercise benches used for? An exercise bench as part of home gym equipment in Malaysia is used to perform certain exercises like leg curl, shoulder press, bench press, and more. It helps you align your body so that you don’t injure yourself carrying heavyweight. For most customers, an exercise bench is one of the first few pieces of equipment they invest in.
  5. Pull-up bar: Pull-ups are not for the faint-hearted and for those determined fitness freaks a pull-up bar is the perfect gym equipment and an important one. Pull-ups help you to target one of the biggest groups of muscles in your back. A pull-up bar is easy to carry and takes up very little space at your home gym, another reason to invest in one.
  6. Exercise ball: An exercise ball or a gym ball is one piece of equipment you don’t need a trainer for. It’s pretty simple to learn and there are a dozen Youtube videos if you want to know something specific. This piece of equipment can be used to target your abs, chest, and even legs, by doing crunches, push-ups, stability. or strengthening. Plus, it comes in a fun range of colors to spice up your home gym.
  7. Jump rope: A jump role is similar to a skipping rope and comes in handy for high impact cardio, strength, and improving agility. It can be carried anywhere and interchanged as per your requirement. What makes it more attractive is that it has a provision for adding weights.
  8. Treadmill: Running can be done anywhere but what happens when it rains or you need to stay in and maintain social isolation? This is where a treadmill comes in use. A running machine is much easier as compared to running on the road and it comes with benefits, you can increase the incline, attach a push-up bar, a stepper, and even a jogger. Plus, it’s a great way to lose weight if you are not really into weights.
  9. Push-up bar: A push-up bar is a one-stop solution for all fitness needs. It is great for doing push-ups, floor exercises, and strengthening your stomach, chest, legs, and even arm muscles. To be precise, it is a must-own piece of home gym equipment.
  10. Ab roller: For a smaller home gym or a limited piece of equipment, an ab roller is an ideal way to get a well-trimmed body without putting a lot of effort into it. It works on sculpting your abs and chest as well as most of your core muscles including your arms and shoulders. The handles are easy to grip, and it is very convenient to store and carry.

The final words

There are a handful of factors to consider when starting a home gym. You need to take into consideration the size of the gym, space, and the equipment you need depending on your body and what you want to work on. Remember, every piece of equipment affects each person differently, and the final results can vary. Always do your research and if possible, contact a friend or an expert who knows something about fitness.

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