Flowers are the best gift that one can give another; it is natural and gorgeous, and one simply cannot go wrong with them as gifts. Traditionally, flowers have been used for centuries to celebrate and also used for funerals and to cheer unwell people.

There is a rising trend of gifting flowers to men. Unfortunately, many have the common misconception that flowers in Ho Chi Minh City are for gifting women; this cannot be further from the truth. There are many types of flowers that are not considered to be feminine and are perfect for gifting a man.

White orchids

Orchids are stunning examples of nature’s work of art; they come in a variety of colors, however, for men, the color white is neutral, simple and elegant, making it perfectly suitable for keeping at the desk to promote a sense of well-being and calm. There was a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan noted that white orchids can increase concentration, boost productivity and increase memory retention by at least 20%. This makes this a perfect gift for men at work.

Red chrysanthemums

During a recent survey, it was found that men prefer bright and bold colors as opposed to frilly pastel shades. Not just that chrysanthemums are large yet perfectly sized to ensure a neat bouquet in a vibrant red that is suitable for all types of celebrations and good news. They were primarily cultivated in China as far back as the 15th century. They are also perfectly suited to be gifted when suffering from ill health, to show appreciation and thankfulness.

Birds of paradise

If you are looking for something striking with bold lines, then these flowers are the best choice. Unique, exceptional, and exotic, are the most common adjectives used to describe them, and they are suited to all occasions due to their unusual beauty. They are called the bird of paradise as they resemble birds in flight. A well-framed bouquet of these are perfect for the man, also these are tropical flowers typically found in Southeast Asia, and there are more than three dozen varieties of the flower.

Peace lily

In case all these above-mentioned ones seem daunting and you wish to gift something easier maintenance, then peace lilies are the perfect options. These flowers require watering once and week and prefer shady spots for their survival; in fact, it is also possible for them to thrive in a room without windows as well. They are simple and elegant blooms, great for flower delivery in Vietnam and are known to purify the air by removing harmful gases.


Gerberas are a few of the most cheerful flowers to gift someone. They come in a verity of colors, and gifting a bouquet of gerberas and are commonly found in the tropical forests of South America, Africa, and Asia. No matter how difficult the situation, these flowers will make an impact in the most positive way, lighting up the room with bright colors and cheerfulness.

Flowers are the most natural way to cheer someone up and ensure that they have a great day. It is a great way to tell someone that they are on your mind, it is also the best option for celebration and special event, and also for respectful funerals.

All of the above flowers should be available at a Ho Chi Minh florist and all other top-notch florist shops.

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