Gel eyeliners are the all-time favorites of most makeup lovers. Their versatility is what attracts people the most. It is a wonderful product that can help you to get the perfect wings without any hassles. This property of gel eyeliners is what makes us fall in love with them. The gel eyeliner is the most opaque liner out there and stays on without any smudges. It allows you to create an ultra-precise and dramatic line.

Create your base

Start with a clean eyelid. Make sure that you remove any makeup that you have been wearing. You can use a gentle eye makeup remover for this. After cleaning your eyelids, ensure that they are dry, and then apply eyelid primer.

Prepare your brush

If applying gel eyeliner for the first time, use a flat angled brush, as it is ideal for such applications and it is much easier to get the hang of the product with this brush. Once you have got comfortable with it, you can try other types of brushes, as well as other looks. When looking for a gel eyeliner online, look for a formula that can give you long hours of wear. 

Apply the liner 

Begin withdrawing from the middle of the lash line toward the outer eye corner. You can finish it with a light swish upward. You can also use a tape as a hack if you are not a pro at getting your wings right. For this, position the tape on the outer corners of the eye in order to ensure perfect and uniform wings in each eye.

Then finish the line drawing from the center of the lash to the inner corner. You can either leave the lie as it is, make it thicker, or even smudge it if you want a smokey look.

Patience is the key

Remember that it is will take you many tries to master a gel eyeliner. This really depends upon how comfortable you are with the brush and creating the line. You can always make use of whatever hacks you find online, and stick to the ones that you are most comfortable with. You can also find stencils to print and cut yourself.

Some easy steps for applying gel eyeliners

  • Step 1: Make sure that you start with a slim, tapered, and synthetic bristle brush. The gel can ruin the brush if you are not using a synthetic one.
  • Step 2: Then dip the tip of the brush into the product for capturing the gel. If there are any clumps, you can bring the brush up on the sides of the pot to remove them.
  • Step 3: Make sure that you apply the liner very close to the lash line from the outer corner in. If there is any gap left between your lash line and your liner, you can fill it in with an extra liner.
  • Step 4: You can now open your eye to see if you need to make the line thicker or not. You can layer the liner and extend it outward if you want to.

Wrapping up

So these are some of the handiest tips that will help you to achieve mastery in applying gel eyeliners. Make sure that you get a good gel eyeliner online that will help you achieve perfection.

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