Lipstick allures and creates attention to the lips and makes them stand out among all. Lips are labelled a sensory part of the body, and making them pretty and prominent can make women more gorgeous and striking to the opposite gender. Some women may wear lipstick for an absolute about their appearance. The most important instructions to adhere to while wearing bright lip colour make the person carry it nicely and make the lipstick stay seamlessly. Take a look. 

  • Exfoliate– Perhaps, there is nothing shoddier than wearing bright lip colour and then having that striking colour stick to dead and rough skin or accumulate in those normal lip lines and crinkles. A good lip-scrubbing eradicates the dead external surface of the lips, augments circulation, and makes the lips tender, and even. So, exfoliation and scrubbing, and revealing those flexible lips with either a moist washcloth or a lip exfoliator are recommended. 
  • Moisturise and Hydrate– It’s imperative to keep the lips moisturized and hydrous throughout. This will keep the newly scoured lips soft, moist, and smooth, making for a seamless lipstick application. Apply lip balm at the night and whenever the lips are dry, but never use lip balm just before wearing lipstick as the colour won’t retain on the lips.
  • Use of lip liner– Lining the lips in the same or comparable colour is not only one of the latest beauty and fashion trendsbut will guarantee the lipstick stays within the boundary of the lips and doesn’t get smudged away. Plus, one can also showcase a bigger lip, though that is just a simple delusion. If someone is looking for a lip liner that is suitable for every lip colour, try the nude shade ones. 
  • Choose the right colour– Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, that doesn’t match the skin tone is considered as beauty faux pas in fashion and lifestyle matter. If someone has a fair skin tone, one can try bright red and pink. With a medium skin tone and darker tone, one can try dusky shades for a gorgeous look. Deep brown, burgundy, and fuchsia pink creates wonders. 
  • Apply a Base– If someone wants the colour to last for hours, she should apply a base first. One could use the usual foundation or concealer to hide the stains and get a smooth skin tone. 
  • Start from the middle-Never start any lipstick application from the edges of the lips. One should always start from the mid of the upper lips and merge it outwards with a lip brush. Since, the corners are thinner, starting from the edges will make the lipstick get smudge. This along with other tips is often seen state in leading beauty and lifestyle blogs.
  • Apply Blot– If someone wants it to last, apply the lipstick in coats. One should use, blot with oil blotters or a tissue, and repeat the act. After the person is content with the colour, she can take a thin part of tissue and pat a slight bit of luminous powder over the top to trap it.
  • Avoid staining your teeth– Staining the teeth with lipstick is a nightmare. To prevent this blunder, one should close the mouth around the index finger and tug it out with a pop.
  • One can use a lip gloss or lip lock hydrator to lock in the colour.
  • Clean up the outline of the lips for a perfect and neat yet bold lip. Use concealer and a small flat brush to outline the lip line from any lip colour that has been smudged.

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