Diamond pendants are admired for their simplicity, allure and will remain a staple for a long time. They are timeless and can be an amazing lifetime investment. If you are planning to buy a pendant online, opt for websites that offer you information about the diamond pendant with the price. Apart from this, here are a few considerations to make when buying a diamond pendant.


Keep in mind the 4Cs, which include the diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat. The diamond’s cut determines the sparkle of the diamond since a well-cut shaped diamond enhances the brilliance and scintillation. Coming to the diamond color, it is suggested that you should mirror go crackeado choose between D-H for a white setting and I-K for a yellow setting. Yellow and rose gold will disguise the appearance while platinum and white gold will make it look more attractive. 

The clarity of the diamond is less significant since the pendant is worn on your neck and is thus viewed from some distance. When it comes to the diamond carat, remember that bigger is not always better. Also, a large diamond carat weight will increase the diamond pendant price significantly. Hence, the sparkle of the diamond is more important.


The setting of the diamond is another important thing to be considered. Diamond pendants can have 3 types of settings, i.e., prong setting, bezel setting, and halo setting. The bezel setting is considered a highly secured setting and offers excellent protection as well as a very serial avast premier 2018 modern look since it completely holds the diamond. In the halo setting, the diamond is clasped to the ring metal in the middle of it. It is further set with glamorous shining accent diamonds, which add a sparkle to the pendant. When buying a diamond pendant online, a smart decision would be to go for the prong setting. A prong setting is organized from fine metals that will delicately grasp the diamond in its proper position, and allow the diamond to capture most of the light. The prong setting can be 4-prong or 6-prong type.

Precious metal

For diamond pendant designs, there are four precious metal options available, which include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum metal. Yellow gold is considered the most precious metal and is perfect for those looking for a classic option. Rose gold metal does not need any introduction as it is currently the trendiest style due to its charming and delightful appearance. Platinum and white gold are very similar to each other, both having a smooth, gleamy, and stylish look. While platinum metal is more long-lasting than white gold, it is also more costly.


The most popular shapes for diamond pendant designs are pear shape and princess cut. If you are confused among these, a well-cut round-shaped diamond can never go wrong.

Chain length

The standard chain length ranges from 16 inches to 24 inches. The chain length of 18 inches is the most popular one, as it is perfectly fine for the pendant to rest on the collarbone. Another option for a diamond pendant online is a longer chain that has jump rings. This chain is adjustable between 20 and 18 inches. 


So, when checking out the diamond pendant price, also look out for the above features. Considering these factors will help you to get a diamond pendant that perfectly fits your choice.

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