Bracelets are a perfect option for your soft Spring pastels and delicate floral outfits. You have a large variety of alternatives that can be chosen for an easy and minimal look. You can try solo chains, layer up or opt for gemstone bangles. Here are some of the trendiest designs and patterns of gold bracelets that you can choose from.

Chain bracelets

The style of bracelets that is currently trending is the chain bracelet with a mix of silver and gold. These bracelets are delicate and minimal, with a layer alternating silver and gold chains. You get many alternatives of such designs, including beautifully styled bolt chain bracelets, a simple silver design like the double layer paperclip chain bracelet, or a perfect stack of double chain rainbow enamel beaded bracelets, which has minimalist gold beads with a pop of colourful rainbow beads. You can surf these various designs of fashion bracelets online.

EB Edit bracelets

These chic and modern style bracelets are the perfect way to dress up a casual look. Most of these bracelets pair a delicate oval-link chain with e chunky statement rope chains. This makes it both minimal and stylish. These bracelets go well with t-shirt dresses. You can pair them with a chain bracelet to add a modern feminine twist which will make it a perfect complementary bracelet or a statement piece.


You can also use a mix of chunky and minimalist bangles, that are interspersed with subtle pops of color. This will create a perfect stack. You can try an open cuff bangle that is ideal for everyday use. It is a staple accessory that is chic and has a simple design that makes it perfect for almost every outfit. If you want to add more appeal to it, you can add another bangle with a touch of sparkle or a gemstone open bangle that can add a unique accent to your look.

Friendship bracelets

Bracelets are one of the best ways to cherish your friendship. Gifting your friends a beautiful and sentimental piece will help you to stay connected. Look out for a friendship bracelet that can be the perfect timeless accessory. You can choose something that features a constellation of stars, strung through an easily adjustable cord, or a seashore friendship bracelet that features some golden seashells with a sea-blue cord that represents shimmering seashores. You can also opt for something that imitates birds or animals and can add an array of silver-plated beads for the perfect mixed metal accessory.

Are you looking for a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection? Then bracelets are what you should look out for. Not only are these pieces of jewelry timeless, but also go well with any outfit that you wear. Lightweight gold bracelets are very much in trend these days, and you should definitely have a look at them.

The bottom line

Bracelets are the most loved pieces of jewelry, not only amongst women but also among men. People constantly look for fashion bracelets online for the perfect bracelet designs for them and most of them do not settle until they have found their ideal one.

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