Blog-imageHijab, a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family which usually covers their head and chest. The term can be used for any of the coverings over the head, face or body.

Hijab is of great significance in the Islamic culture and symbolizes modesty and privacy. In, today’s modern society it has been growing from more than a covering for the body but also a fashion statement and women wear different types of Hijab to add charm to their beauty and their overall outfit.

There are a variety of materials being used for Hijab and the most prominent fabrics used are:-

SATIN: – These come in printed and plain alternatives, this type of hijab can be worn to a luxurious dinner, a business party etc. If you are trying this material for the first time begin with dark colors and make way to the lighter ones.

CHIFFON: – It is a lightweight alternative for a hijab, if you are a fan of draping chances are there that you will love chiffon. It drapes greatly to produce an effortless flair both in the front and back.

VOILE: – This fabric is lightweight, absorbs sweat rather well, and allows air in between the wraps of hijab as it is a breathable fabric and does not cling. It snags easily, and hence regular use may cause it to tear.

JERSEY: – It is a stretchable cotton material, it provides with great level of comforts as it works well in warmer climates and absorbs sweat well.

KNIT: – This material is suitable to be used in winters and with the help of technology they are also available in stretch material.

VISCOSE: – This is a lightweight fabric resembling the same material type as of maxi hijab. It is a perfect option for affordable material and having these in a variety of colors won’t hurt your wallet as well.

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