False eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger, more dramatic, and well, eye-catching. In today’s world, where you can get almost anything out of a box, you shouldn’t be tempted to fix your falsies on your own. Rather than a DIY at home, you should always look for a lash professional. If you want to know the reason, here are some of them.

When you buy false eyelashes online or from a brick-and-mortar store, you will not know if they are the right ones for you. Falsies come in a range of sizes and it is essential that you choose one that is right for you. Your lashes are important and can become the focal point of your face. So, why would you risk it when you can get a professional to fix the false eyelashes for you? Also, you do not have to waste time or effort trying to find the right eyelashes when the lash and brow professional will have the right set for you.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose a professional rather than attempt a DIY at home when it comes to false eyes.

Choosing the Right Glue

You may not know much about lash glue and that can cause you to buy one that contains cyanoacrylates. This ingredient is unsafe and can affect your eyelids and eyesight. In some instances, glues with cyanoacrylates have resulted in burns. When cyanoacrylates can cause a severe reaction and so it is advisable to choose a lash professional who completely understands the ingredients of lash glues rather than trying to glue your falsies yourself. It could pose a health hazard if you try to fix the lashes yourself.

Experience and Training

When you run an online search for brows and lashes near me, you will get a whole list of professionals, who claim to be adept at fixing false lashes. It is best to select a trained professional, who has learned the skills and techniques to fix false lashes. That way, you will benefit from their training and experience. They will customize the lashes to suit your facial features and it will be done quickly, without any discomfort or worry.

Customized Lash Extensions

Many people do not know this but lashes have a growth cycle just like hair. So, each lash grows at a different speed. That is the reason your eyelashes are uneven. A lash professional will check the growth of your eyelashes and then tailor the falsies to match the length of your natural lashes so that you end up with natural-looking and thick eyelashes. On the other hand, when you glue the false lashes yourself, you will not be able to customize the lashes and as a result, you may end up with bald spots along the lash lines.

Glue the Lashes Correctly

When you glue your lashes yourself, you will apply glue and then press the lashes to stick. If you apply too much glue, either the glue will spread beyond your lash line or the lashes will get glued incorrectly. On other hand, a professional knows exactly how much glue to apply along your lash line to ensure that the lash extensions adhere correctly and there is no excessive glue oozing beyond the lash lines.

In Conclusion

There are some reasons you should check online to look for professional brows and lashes near me. You will get the seductive, long, and sultry lash extensions that are perfect for your facial features.

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