An easy way to stay updated with the latest beauty and fashion trends is to read fashion and lifestyle blogs. Every girl wants to look beautiful and fashionable and these blogs help them a lot. Just like makeup and clothes, hair is also an important part to create a glamorous look. Gone are the days when only loose hair was a fashion statement. These days, a lot of hairstyles are taking place. There are many hair styling tools that are easily available in the market like straighteners, curler, crimpers, etc. These tools are so helpful to make a good hairstyle.

Here are some easy and trendy hairstyles that are in the latest fashion trends and can make you look like a diva or a fashionista.

  1. Lower soft curls: This hairstyle can go with a formal as well as a casual look. It’s very simple to create yet it looks so elegant. All you have to do is just straighten your hair from top to halfway and then give soft curls to the lower part of your hair. That’s it. You are ready to go.

  2. straight hair low ponytail: To get a more formal kind of a look, straighten your hair with a straightener. Side part your hair and tie a lower ponytail. It goes well with formal outfits.

  3. Long hair illusion: If you have short hair and still want to have a bun then this hairstyle is for you. Just side part of your hair. Take a fringe and twist it. Keep twisting and adding another fringe in it. Pinup the leftover hair with a bobby pin. It gives an illusion of a bun and looks beautiful.

  4. Side messy bun: Messy buns are so much in trend these days. Also, it’s very easy to achieve. Brush your hair and remove the tangles. Take a small section of your hair and create a bun on one side. Keep it a little loose to give a volumizing effect. Now, get a small section of leftover hair, twist it, wrap it around the bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the step with all the leftover hair. Pull little sections your hair a little to give a final touch.

  5. Ponytail with puff: You can’t go wrong with this evergreen hairstyle. It can complement any look. Grab some front hair and brush it from behind to give it more volume. Pinup with bobby pins to make the puff. Take all the hair and make a high ponytail. So easy yet so stylish.

  6. Simple braid: If you have long hair and you are not in the mood to make a fancy hairstyle then a simple braid is all you need. Don’t make it too tight. Keep it loose and let it complement your outfit.

  7. Loose low bun: Just like a side bun you can create this loose lower bun. It goes well with almost every dress be it an evening gown, jeans or even sarees and lehengas.

  8. Fake the bang: This is a fun hairstyle where you can create bangs without cutting your hair. Make a high ponytail. Take a small section from it and place it above your forehead to make bangs. Get your required length of the bangs pinup your hair with the bobby pins. Make a loose bun to hide the pins and you are ready to slay your fake bangs.

  9. Wavy hair with braids: Use a straightener to give a wavy effect to your hair. For this, straight some hair and twist the straightener and repeat. Make braids near your ears and pinup against each braid. This easy hairstyle is great to create a party look.

  10. Side parted hair with a hiding braid: Side part your hair. Take a small section of hair and make a braid pin it up behind the ear. Hide with your loose hair and its ready. You can curl your leftover hair or straighten it according to your mood.

You can pick any of the hairstyles according to the occasion. All the above hairstyles are so easy to create and do not require many products. Now, when you know many hairstyles you will not need to go to a hair studio to get a good hairstyle. Get a comb and a few bobby pins and you are ready to rock.

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