Every girl wants to stay updated with beauty and fashion trends so they can catch up with the latest fashion and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong if it makes you feel happy. In this lifestyle blog, we are shortlisting some head-turning hairstyles with extensions to give you a perfect makeover.

  • Long hair with beachy waves: Extensions are the best for those who want to have long hair. If you are one of those you can try this hairstyle. You can clip-in these extensions under your hair. Curl hair with a curling iron and move your fingers through curls to give them beachy waves effect.
  • Voluminous colored hair: If you want bright colored hair for an event but do not want to change your existing hair color then try extensions. Colored hair extensions are easily available online. You can pair them with your hair color and make them look like highlights or dual-toned hair color.
  • Sleek braided bun: If you want a braided bun hairstyle but your hair is short then use extensions. These extensions will give you the required length to make the braided bun easily. You can use hair spray to fix frizziness.
  • Perfect messy bun: If sleek buns do not go with your personality then you can try messy bun with the same extensions. These will add volume to your bun and make it look super classy. Loose bangs will make it look even beautiful.
  • Perfect Indian braid: If you are attending an Indian wedding and want to get a perfect Indian look then a long braid is a must. Do no worry if you have short hair. Add hair extensions and you can get that hair length. Add some Gajra or decorative hairpieces to make it look beautiful.
  • Braid with ponytail: This hairstyle will add some uniqueness to your regular hairstyle. Extensions will help you to make it more voluminous and beautiful. Make a breaded headband in the front hair section and connect with a lower ponytail. You can also add curls to this hairstyle if you want.
  • Bubble braid: Girls with thin hair always dream for a bubble braid but can not get the desired effect. But, it is possible with extensions. It will help you to make your bubble braid look thicker. You can pick this fluffy hairstyle for your bestie’s wedding.
  • Loose ponytail: A loose ponytail looks so cute with western outfits. Short hair girls can easily make it by clipping in some extensions. You can also wrap your scarf around your ponytail rubberband to make it look retro style.
  • Braided headband: This amazing hairstyle can give an effect of the crown on your head. It is simple to create and looks beautiful on girls. Extensions can be very helpful in case you have short hair. This hairstyle is suitable for family functions and outings.
  • Half hairdo: This is the ultimate hairstyle that suits any outfit. This can be done with short hair as well but you can make it look more beautiful with extensions. You can curl the lower part of your hair to make the hairstyle look bouncy and voluminous.

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