In India, nose pins are popular and always in trend. Compared to ancient times when nose pins were made from metal, nowadays they are available in gold, silver, and diamond. You can also buy diamond nose pins online from some of the leading e-commerce websites. But before buying, you must consider several factors in order to choose the right nose pin.

Mentioned below are the five factors that help you choose the perfect diamond nose pin.

Setting: Before purchasing a diamond nose pin, the first factor to be considered is the setting. There are generally two types of settings, better known as prong and bezel when it comes to diamond nose pins. The prong is designed to have four arms, whereas, in the bezel setting, the stone is soldered into place on a dome or cone.

Style: The second factor that is to be considered is style. There are various styles that you can choose from while purchasing a pure diamond nose pin. Some of the most popular diamond pins are twist, bone, and the L-post. The bone is a minimalist design consisting of one post. The twist is a popular style as it offers a slight curve that allows the jewellery to fit securely. When compared to a bone, the pin is smaller and does not consist of any ball on of the ends. Finally, the L- post has a 90-degree angle like the shape of the letter L.

Type of gold: When opting for a diamond nose pin, it is essential to ascertain the gold that will look best. Two types of gold are white gold and yellow gold. The choice entirely depends on your preference. The white is luxurious in look and gives batterybar pro 3.6.6 full crack a feel of platinum. White gold is more durable but requires more maintenance. On the other hand, yellow gold offers a classic look and is easier to maintain. Besides, yellow gold is much cheaper when compared to white gold.

Left or right nose: It is essential to opt for the perfect side before choosing a diamond nose pin. Wearing a nose pin on the left side of fl studio regkey the nose is more common, but it entirely depends on your choice. Kisna diamond jewellery offers the best quality of pure diamond nose pin at an affordable price.

Types of nose pin:
There are generally four types of nose pin – studs, septum rings, hoops, and Bali. When opting for a diamond nose pin, it is essential to determine the type in advance for the best results. Therefore, it is advised to research before purchasing diamond nose pins that suit your face.

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