Live every day just like a superstar and walk every street like a diva, have you ever heard this phrase? Well! if not, learn it right now and live by it. We all have a diva in ourselves who guide us to do something more for ourselves every day. Diva is not someone who wears fashionable or have layers of foundation and concealer, but someone who makes every outfit fashionable and wears it to make a fashion statement. 

There are no principles when we talk about beauty and fashion trends and this is one of the best lifestyle tips and advice, someone would ever give you. Every woman is a diva and has her way that defines beauty. If you ever think of yourself as a diva, then it’s time to throw all old beauty trends right out of the window and make your own rules or you can read this fashion and lifestyle blog further to know the top seven beauty rules every diva should live by. 

See, beauty trends will come and go but what are the enigmas to eternal beauty? You can surely make your beauty and fashion trends, but what are those solid beauty secrets that can make you shine in a better way? There is no such rule that to look shinier and pretty, you can also do glitter makeup, plenty of water and a healthy diet can also do wonders to your skin. But everyone knows it and the matter of the fact is, no one actually wholly follows it. We all need a palate of radiant eyeshadow and a colour collector to correct those flaws and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Your beauty routine to live like a diva should not be different but correct. Choose whatever suits you best and modify it as far as possible, do experiments every day. This is what makes you a fashion statement changer. Here we will give you the top seven beauty rules that would be enough to make you a diva. 

1. Drop this saying, “Always layer your perfume”. 

Instead of using perfumed body lotion, body wash and then perfume, use a subtle perfume that will make you smell more like a flower all day long. Using all perfumed products, overpower the real smell of the product you are wearing, it smells like nothing. It Can become an olfactory killer. Just use one: perfumed lotion, hair spray, fragrance or body washes. 

2. Let your hair roots show 

People often think it is odd and look unfashionable if their hair roots would show but guess what you let them free to be visible as it is new fashion and lifestyle trends.

3. Wear whatever you want to 

How many of you figured it out yet, what suits you better or what colour looks super-good on you and what skin tone actually do you have? Don’t follow myths, just wear whatever makes you comfortable, you are still a diva. 

4. Eyebrows- tweeze above your eyebrows

A well tweezed up eyebrow is essential to give them a subtle shape. 

5. File your nails in a back and forth direction. 

Filing your nails in a back and forth direction doesn’t damage them as your nails grow straight from the base, if you think that your nails are sensitive, use a good quality nail file. 

6. Wear nail polish that suits your personality 

Yes! with the lipstick you wear with your outfit, you can wear whatever colour’s nail polish that defines your personality. 

7. Play up with both, eye and lips

If you want to play up with both eyes and lips, you can truly go for it. Drop the myth that you can either do a super-amazing eye makeup or lip shade. 

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