Like any other Big Bazaar; Big Bazaar Kandivali can be confusing when it comes to grocery shopping, I mean it could be so tempting to buy almost everything on the first go and those buy one get on things don’t help either. There are certain ways to shop smartly at big bazaar Kandivali. You can get the free grocery coupon, buy “only healthy” stuff and so on. So now let’s take a look at 9 Tips for grocery shopping at big bazaar Kandivali.

  1. Know The Game Plan!
    You need to have a proper plan before stepping into the big bazaar Kandivali I mean make a proper list what are things you actually need. Take a pledge that you will be strict to your list once you get into the grocery shop without getting tempted to so many other things which can put an unnecessary burden on your budget.
  2. Eat Before Shopping
    Do not go to the big bazaar Kandivali empty stomach you are perhaps giggling at the moment, but this is actually quite beneficial to do so as this will refrain you from consuming extra sugar content in the supermarket.
  3. Buy Vegetables that are in the list
    You will surely get fascinated by the abundance of options in the vegetable section, but you should not buy stuff that you are not planning to cook. Stuffing refrigerator with so many ‘delicious-sounding’ things is not a great thing to do; they are costly.
  4. Stay outside The Store For a While!
    When you go for a grocery shopping, you are always in danger of tempted by things you need not buy as per your list so stay outside the grocery store see things which you need to buy and then enter the store now you are less likely to get tempted by that dark chocolate box beside the fruit corner.
  5. Go For Frozen Stuff
    Frozen foods could be fresher than those things you term as fresh foods. If you are to do the bulk shopping, then frozen foods are good options specially when it comes to meat, fish, seafoods etc.
  6. Bulk Bin Purchase
    Bulk bin purchase is often a smart way of buying stuff in a whole like spices, grains and even dry fruits however some of the stuff like snacks, cheese and butter, raw fast food materials etc. as you might overestimate the amount you actually need.
  7. Go For Generic
    Compare the generic product with the highly branded products, there are hardly much of a quality difference, but their cost varies. If you find the generic product as good as the national brand go for the generic one.
  8. Price Tag
    See the price before you put the product into your basket as every product can differ at cost because of change of brand.
  9. Billing
    When you go for the billing, make sure you double-check all your purchases because you just do not want to come again for just one packet of Papad. If self-checkout is available at your market to do that, it is beneficial.

Follow these tips and enhance your shopping experience at Big Bazaar Kandivali in an effortless manner.

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