The Vietnamese Culture revolves around food and for the rich culture. Vietnamese Lunar New Year is called Tet which is celebrated every year in January or February according to the Gregorian Calendar. The New year is of great importance to the Vietnamese culture and thus the traditions of this day are equally important. The people of Vietnam get a seven days long holiday for Tet and the festival is celebrated by taking a break from the day to day work and hustle-bustle and connecting with family. The people prepare delicious food, visit their families, have reunions and gathering, ancestor worship, starting something new on the day of the new year, greeting each other and decorating their house with flowers and plants. 

Flowers play a big role in the Vietnamese culture, especially on the days of Tet. Flowers hold equal importance for the Vietnamese as the Christmas tree does for the Catholics. At this time, the flower villages and gardens blossom with colorful flowers throughout the country. The flowers are of different types and colors, with red and yellow flowers dominating since they are believed to bring home good luck. The flower villages are dominated with flowers like Chrysanthemums, Paperwhite flower, Marigold, Lavender, Sunflowers, Orchids, Peach Flower, Marumi Kumquat, and Ochna integerrima. The latter three are of great significance and are seen in every household in Vietnam. The Peach flower and Marumi Kumquat are found in the northern region of Vietnam for they grow well in the cold regions, while the Ochna Integerrima grows in the tropical weather of the south.

These flowers are bought in dozens for retail purposes and for decorating homes. The peach flower is a symbol of love and joy, while the Marumi Kumquat is a symbol of richness, wealth and joy since the plant is very giving as it gives fruits, flowers, leaves, ranches, and roots. The Ochna Integerrima has its importance in the roots of Vietnam as it is used in many old legends and folktales, it also is a symbol of wealth and wellbeing. Many of these flowers are given to relatives as a sign of love and good luck. If you are a Vietnamese living outside Vietnam on Tet you send flowers to Vietnam, to any of your close family living there as a sign of good luck. There are many Vietnam flower delivery services available online to help you send flowers and be a part of the festival.

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