Giving wedding gifts is a difficult task because either you know only one party, or you know both of them but don’t know collectively what they will both like. Many a time a lot of wedding gifts are just forwarded to other people without any considerations for they weren’t useful, hence while buying a wedding gift you need to make sure it is thoughtful, practical and easy on your pocket too.

  • Flowers – Flowers are a beautiful gift to give, a bouquet with a small note in it is a great way of expressing your wishes for them. Buy long-lasting flowers which can stay in the newlywed’s house for a few days after the wedding. You can buy from ho chi Minh florist or you can send flowers to Vietnam if you are staying in a far-off land.
  • Frames – Frames are another good gift to give the newlyweds since they can decorate their room with their photos and adventures of the married life. Depending on your budget you can gift either a bedside frame or a big wall frame.
  • Polaroid Camera – This is entirely dependent on your budget, these aren’t too expensive although the films are a little pricey, it is a unique gift idea to gift a newlywed couple. This helps them capture their married life together through the camera and record all the milestones in their married life.
  • A Music player – A new music player is a little expensive, but it is a really good product to give newlyweds. They can start their mornings by listening to each other’s playlists and get to know each other better.
  • Passport Covers – Passport covers are the cutest gift to give a newlywed especially if they are planning to go abroad for their honeymoon. You can get Personalized Passport Covers with the couple’s initials printed on it.
  • Mugs or glasses – Starting a new life together is best with a perfect morning. You can get personalized couple mugs and a cute gesture. Wine glasses are also another great gift idea if you can’t afford to give a fancy wine bottle as a gift.
  • Wind Chimes – These add on to the look and vibe of the newlywed’s room. They will be reminded of you whenever the wind chime makes pleasant sounds in the lazy afternoons.

These wedding gifts will showcase your love and concern to the recipient and they will remember it for their entire lives.

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