The summer season has a harsh effect on the skin. The intense heat, pollution, humidity, and other factors dull its natural radiance and can occasionally attract infections. Here are eight simple suggestions you can use this season to avoid all these headaches and keep your skin glowing like new.  

In India, March to June are the summer months that witness high temperatures and dry conditions. Heat rashes, sunburns and the appearance of acne are common during this time of the year. Following strict skin care in summer is a need of the hour. The summer skin regime should include UV protection and hydration, as the skin requires more pampering and protection during this season.   

Skin care advice to follow during Summer:  

  • To keep your skin clear and looking young during the summer, include cleaning, toning, and moisturizing in your summer skincare routine.  
  • Washing your face with fresh water a few times per day will help maintain it clean and sweat-free as part of your summer skin care regimen. You might also apply a hydrating mask or a face mist to keep your skin hydrated. Use sunscreen to shield yourself against the sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays, which can result in sunburn, tanning, wrinkles, and age spots.                         
  • Keep your makeup light and allow your skin to breathe. A tinted moisturizer and a tinted lip balm should be fine. Use cosmetics that are non-comedogenic (i.e., free of chemicals that cause pore blockage).  
  • As part of your summer skin care routine, use a scrub that is suitable for your skin type. Scrubs aid in skin exfoliation, but they should be used only a few times a week. Use a non-greasy moisturizer with antioxidants, ideally SPF or sunblock, as Summer Skin Care. Utilize an aloe vera or cucumber-based toner. Oil and sweat block the skin pores during summer. By using tonners, you can avoid it.   
  • Apply fruit-flavoured creams, gels, or purees to your skin. Apply them after taking a bath to keep the hydration your skin absorbed.  
  • Your skin is kept moisturized and shielded from environmental harm by antioxidant serums. Make sure to include a serum as a part of your summer skin care regimen.  
  • The skin is fragile around the eyes. When outdoors in the sun, use a moisturizing under-eye gel and a pair of sunglasses.  
  • Put on an SPF-containing lip balm under your lipstick as summertime lip care.  
  • If you are sporting open-toed sandals, take additional precautions with your feet. Exfoliate your feet by scrubbing them. As part of your summer skin care routine, apply sunscreen to avoid tanning and use a moisturizer to keep the skin on your feet hydrated.  
  • You should drink more water. Eat things that help your body stay cool. Drink fresh fruit juices and other nutritious beverages to stay hydrated.  
  • Avoid bathing in extremely hot water since it dries the skin out too much and increases the risk of eczema and irritation.  
  • Wear breathable, loose-fitting cotton clothing to promote skin ventilation. Tight-fitting clothing and synthetic textiles itch and irritate the skin, which can result in skin infections.  

Summer Skin Care tips for Oily Skin  

  • Use a non-foaming cleanser or facewash that cleans your face thoroughly to eliminate dirt and grim as your skin tends to get more oily during the summer.    
  • Use non-greasy water-based skin care products rather than cream-based ones, as they are less oily.  
  • If your skin is prone to acne, exfoliate it with a scrub containing fuller’s earth, sandalwood, egg white or rose water and basil.  

Summer skin care advice for dry skin  

  • Make it a priority to use Sun protection before stepping out of your house should be an essential skincare routine for dry skin.   
  • Use Moisturizer without fail.  
  • Cleanse your face with Micellar water to remove makeup.   
  • Make it a routine to use Face masks throughout the summer season.  
  • Exfoliation is important to get rid of dirt. Use a mild exfoliator that doesn’t harm your skin or make it dry.   
  • Avoid Hot water showers during summer to protect your skin from burns. Make sure to keep the temperature of the bath water low.  
  • Shave mindfully.  

 Some additional summer skin care tips to keep your skin supple and radiant.  

Opt for minimal makeup  

It’s best to adorn less makeup during summertime. A natural look is the best that you can wear under the intolerant sun. If you apply foundation, make sure to apply face powder with SPF. To protect your lips from the scorching sun, use a lip balm or gloss with SPF 15 it will always make your lips look fresh. It is advisable to avoid eye makeup during the summer.   

Let water be your best friend   

Ensure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Carry a bottle everywhere if possible so you can have water every 30 mins. Drinking water regularly during summer will keep you hydrated, make you feel fresh, and wash out toxins.   

Hydrate your skin with a body lotion 

Find a lotion that is summery, and don’t forget to apply it daily. Switch thick body butter with light summery lotions. Look for lightweight, fast, absorbing lotion so you do not have to wait for it to sink into your skin. Gel-based purees are perfect lotions for summer as it absorbs quickly. Light, refreshing fruity creams dictate summer like none other. Apply lotion right after you step out of the shower. Seal in the moisture that your body just soaked in.   


These summer skin care suggestions can help you maintain healthy, smooth skin throughout the summer without having to worry about your appearance. However, it is advised to seek professional advice if you have a severe skin condition that won’t improve despite using these summer skin care techniques. You can speak with the knowledgeable experts at Clear Skin for skin care procedures.