Roses are considered among the most beautiful flowers in the world, they are used to express the feelings of friendship, trust, care, well wishes and Eternal Love. But sometimes it may create confusions, so it is very important to know the correct meaning of each colour before dedicating it to someone special. Below are some of the gorgeous colours and their meaning which will surely help you in finding the best roses to represent your feeling and wishes.

  • Black

Black roses are very less and these roses have a very special meaning! The black is a favourite colour for ladies but in roses, the black colour shows negativity. Black roses generally showcase hatred or dislike towards a person. Not one of the most obvious choices, this rose type is quite lesser seen and given to people.

  • Red

Red is a very beautiful and pretty colour. Red roses are very famous for the affectionate feeling and for the special message it gives. The famous and very much loved red roses are the symbol of love and affection towards a person. Connected with beauty, love, attraction and such feelings, the red roses are commonly used to make a person feel that ‘I love you’. More often during Valentine’s Day, couples an especially males give red roses to those girls whom they love or want to be a lover of! Famous florists like Vietnam florists sell such beautiful variation of roses and spread smiles!

  1. Pink

We love the beautiful and extremely eye pleasing pink roses. Available in light and dark shades of pink, these roses would never fail to steal our hearts. The pink roses are given to those people whom we admire, appreciate and want to praise. The pink shade is the symbol of grace and elegance and giving it to someone shows that you appreciate and respect that person.

  • White

White roses show perfect start of new relationships and any new beginnings. A bouquet of white flowers is for a fresh and healthy start of any event. Specially given during weddings, these flowers show extreme joy, peace, love and fresh beginnings.

  • Yellow

Yellow roses are a sign of pleasant and fun filled start of something new. Generally used for a humble request for friendship, this rose is given to those whom you want to make your friends. Friendship is a beautiful and joyful relation and the yellow rose justify each and every element of pure friendship message. Thus for warm wishes, friendship proposals and fresh beginnings, you can give yellow flowers to people.

  • Orange

Orange shade is a bit wilder variation of the yellow shade. If you want to show your respect or gratitude to anyone, the orange roses are the best way to show it. Orange roses are fierce and show your extreme gratefulness towards the opposite person. Thus, if you have a strong feeling of gratitude and respect for a person, you can gift orange roses to show your feelings!

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