If you are planning a Eurotrip for your next vacations, we would like to say at the outset, that the temperatures across the countries of Europe vary to a large extent, and any time of the year may be chosen for your ideal European holiday. However there are a number of things to take care of like local festivals, and personal preferences. Some people enjoy summers, while some have a particular liking for the cold and frosty winters. Its safe to say that Europe has lot to offer in terms of diversity of food, cuisines, and even geographical diversity, which can influence your planning to an extent. If your European vacation tour includes switzerland, then you must try for the winters, to enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow capped peaks of the Alps. Similarly there are a lot of unique sights and places to see which are seasonal and today in this article we will tell you about what each season has to offer:

  • Summer: The Mediterranean summer can be particularly hot and humid, and if you have an aversion to high temperatures then you should avoid planning your European holiday in the peak summers. However if you live in a cold climate and want to enjoy a proper summer you can still go to Countries like Spain and Portugal to experience the summers in all its glory. Summer can also have a great effect on the cuisine of certain places like Spain and Italy.

  • Autumn: By far the best time to visit Europe, according to most travellers would be the the Autumn season, where the temperatures are not as high as the summer and not particularly cold either. Planning a Switzerland trip from India? Then contact your Swiss Travel Agency for bookings in the months of September-November, for a stunning trip to the heart of the Alps. You can also consider Germany and Scandinavian countries, where the winters can be punishing. Autumn season also sees the most amount of festivals like the Oktoberfest in Germany and the la Tomatina in spain which are renowned world over.

  • Winters: Europe during the Winters can be a visual treat especially if you are planning to go during the holidays and celebrating new years. Mardi Gras, Packed discos and pubs, snow jackets are a regular feature of the European landscape during the winters, and we suggest you pack for the weather. The Christmas lighting during winters across major cities like London, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Rome etc are a visual treat for the eyes!

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