In many countries, travel and tourism are on the rise. It is possible due to the fact that it is becoming cost-effective and curiosity of the travelers to explore the world. Tourism has many positive outcomes on the popular places, but unfortunately, challenges pave its way. One of the major challenges is over-tourism.

It is observed that the travel organizer has the power to play a vital role in handling the pressure being felt in popular sites for better travel and living experience.

What is Overtourism?

For any country, tourism is an important industry and it provides a much needed economic and infrastructure benefits such as business opportunities, employment opportunities. But all such progress should not be at the cost of hampering the local environment and public, inviting visitors interested in lifestyle and adventure activities.

As per the Tourism forecasting report, tourism is rapidly growing and is expected to reach 1.8 billion in a decade. The only concern to look into is to check whether the host destination has adequate facilities to support visitors in addition to their own residents.

Overtourism is not limited to the number of visitors who visit the destination, but it is relevant to the host’s ability to manage the incoming capacity.

Steps Travel Organizer Can Take to Avoid Problem

To manage over-tourism everyone has their part to play such as Government, travel organizers and companies, and visitors all can equally contribute to managing it.

Below are the suggested points

1. Visit the Area Less Travelled

The travel companies or organizers should suggest visitors such areas which are not much explored. By visiting the lesser-known destinations which are beautiful, they should look for new destinations and consider it for their travel packages.

2. Plan out of Season Tours

During the travel, season destinations can be getting busy. On the basis of it, tourists should be given the suggestion to choose the destination they feel comfortable. Depending on its Activities are pre-booked, booking a restaurant, and accommodation to avoid over-tourism.

3. Support Local Business

It is always the best way to do the booking through a local rather than through any renowned company. Post booking your travel, hire a guide which is known about the area to take you important places. Knowledge about the surroundings will help guests with a great experience which can be with them always.

4. Paying Back to the Community

As supporting local businesses for bookings you indirectly help them earn an income by volunteering or through charity work. Being actively engaged in, supporting the local community will benefit the travel and tourism industry as a whole.

5. Inclined Yourself With Genuine Travel Partner

It is seen that travel companies have a huge network to build a travel partner to able to access more services, activities, and gain prospects. When associated with travel network benefits are tremendous to flourish your tour company.

You can book accommodation with your clients with the partner and made reservations accordingly in a hotel with a wide network of locally owned B&B which is directly supporting a local community.


On a concluding note, we can say that overtourism is manageable to a great extent if everyone takes the necessary steps and help locals to uplift their lifestyle. Follow the aforementioned lifestyle tips and advice to make citizens happy and make the best out of the tourism industry as a whole.

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