Every tourist would be interested in learning about the flowers in Vietnamese culture. For many years, Vietnamese Flowers’s graceful beauty, or traditional festivities has been a source of pride for Vietnamese people. Tet is the country’s largest festival, with a wide range of activities. At the Tet holiday, it is customary to decorate houses and structures with Vietnamese lucky flowers and plants that represent luck, wealth, and happiness. Every family, no matter how wealthy, has at least one daisy pot or apricot blossom branch in their home.

Farmers plant a variety of flowers with positive connotations a few months before Tet. Colorful flowers are offered in flower markets one week before the lunar calendar’s first day of New Year when people go to buy flowers and plants to decorate their homes. People visit flower markets for a variety of reasons, including taking photographs or simply strolling about. The top flowers and plants of the Tet celebration, as well as their significance, are listed here: 

  1. Yellow Apricot flower: Yellow apricot flower is a tree that blooms all year and is only found in South Vietnam. This flower is not only elegant but also simple, making it the most popular flower for the Tet festival. After being defoliated for half a month, yellow apricot blossoms bloom. Some families might establish apricot trees in their gardens each year to ensure that their flowers bloom. Others purchase yellow apricot blossom stems or rent large trees to decorate their homes for Tet. It is thought that if the yellow apricot blossoms during the Tet holiday, especially on New Year’s Eve, the new year would be prosperous. Five petals make up the most common type of yellow apricot blossom. They are symbols of joy, longevity, wealth, and good fortune.
  2. Daisy: Daisy blossoms of all hues and sizes are commonly used to decorate dwellings during the Tet celebration. Daisy is a sign of life, joy, and prosperity. A daisy pot in front of the house adds color and creates a tranquil and joyful atmosphere in the household. This type of flower can also boost happiness and good fortune.
  3. Kumquat Tree: Vietnamese people think that having a lush kumquat tree in their yard provides them good health and business luck. It’s a harbinger of a very profitable year ahead. As a result, kumquat trees may be found for sale on every corner of the street at many flower markets throughout Vietnam. A perfect kumquat tree will have large, shining dark green foliage, and all of the fruits should be the same size and look delicious. When conducting a business, people should plant a kumquat tree by the front door of their offices or stores to bring riches and a clear vision.
  4. Peach Blossom: Peach blossoms resemble apricot blossoms, but they can only be found in North Vietnam. Peach blossoms are one of the most popular flowers at the Vietnamese Tet festival. It’s as lovely and shy as a Northern girl. It is claimed to protect the host from demons and ghosts, as well as bring serenity and calmness into their lives. Peach blossom, which symbolizes multiplicity and new beginnings, provides Vietnamese people hope for the best in the future. It also represents joy, wealth, and good fortune.
  5. Marigold: Marigold is one of the most popular flowers in Vietnam during Tet, particularly in South Vietnam, because of its soft beauty, the meaning of longevity, reasonable price, ease of transport, and ability to stay longer. The major hues of this flower are yellow and orange. Marigold is a flower that represents longevity, good health, and good fortune.
  6. Orchid: Orchid is a symbol of gentleness, delicacy, dignity, and beauty. Orchids are a popular flower put in houses at Vietnam’s largest celebration because they are varied and vibrant.
  7. Fig: Figs are frequently presented as one of the primary fruits on a five-fruit tray during Lunar New Year, rather than as a normal tree in someone’s back garden. This is especially true in Southern Vietnam. In Vietnamese, the word fig means wishing for a good, prosperous life. We can certainly understand why figs are so popular among Vietnamese during the Lunar New Year.

Flowers in Vietnamese culture are popular for the good luck they generate. For more such updates and knowledge about the unique things of different cultures and countries follow the blog Lifestylenmore. The blog gives you updates, tips on lifestyle, travel, health, fitness, fashion, and many more. 

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