Your experience of Rajasthan will be altogether different once you visit the famous Bhangarh ka Kila. 

Rajasthan is famous for its royalty, deserts, and forts. While the grandeur and beauty of the palaces and forts leave everyone mesmerized, this place will change your perspective. If you are looking for some adventure and a spooky experience, you must visit the Bhangarh Fort, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in India.

Located in the Alwar district of the royal state Bhangarh fort Rajasthan is not for the faint-hearted. Just a mere glimpse and tales will give you goosebumps. The history of the Bhangarh Fort dates back to the 17th century. However, it’s a famous destination amongst travelers due to its fascinating beauty, which you absolutely cannot miss out on witnessing.   

Here are some scary facts and bloodcurdling stories of Bhangarh fort that make you lose your sleep at night. 

1. History of Bhangarh  

Bhangarh was a thriving town in ancient times, famously known for being haunted. Madho Singh, one of the nine ratnas of Emperor Akbar, built the fort for his son Man Singh I. Once upon a time, it was the epitome of power and beauty. As per the tales, over 10,000 people resided in Bhangrah before it deserted overnight, which is quite spooky. The grand edifice that is nearly 400 years old is standing in ruins with the town spread around, and its fate sealed due to the bhangarh fort horror story.   

2. Frightening Bhangarh Fort Story- Into the Shadows  

Whether one believes in the prophecies and curses or not, the scary tale behind the doom of Bhangarh is The legend goes like this: Guru Balu Nath, a puissant ascetic, had his home on the land where the present-day Bhangarh Fort stands. Madho Singh, therefore, ensured that he sought permission before building the fort. The permission was granted under one condition. The condition placed by the ascetic was that the shadow of the fort should never fall on his home, or it would unfold great tragedies. Madho Singh, an ambitious successor, ignored the warnings and fortified the fort with higher walls. This resulted in a shadow engulfing the ascetic’s home, which in turn engulfed his curse over the whole of Bhangarh. There’s more to the story that will set your spine to chills.    

3. Spine-chilling Bhangarh Fort Story- The Enduring Void  

There are several frightening tales behind the doom of Bhangarh; one, as per the folklore, is that once upon a time, there was a princess named Ratnavati who was an extremely beautiful woman. A necromancer in the region was mesmerized by her beauty and fell in love with her. To make her his, he put a black magic spell on the massage oil the princess was supposed to use. Princess Ratnavati figured out his trickery and threw the oil-laden magic onto a massive boulder in the vicinity, destroying his ploy. This incident set the Bhangarh fort’s doomsday clock, and the whole town was on a countdown. The tantric died due to the crushing of the boulder as the black magic worked its way. With his last breath, the tantric cursed the entire Bhangarh town to slowly succumb to desolation, just like him, while being struck down by despair and grief. 

The ruler of Bhangarh suffered a calamitous defeat at their enemy’s hands, which proved the last words of the tantric right. The entire army of the ruler was brutally annihilated, and the inhabitants were violently massacred. The princess’s fate is still a mystery, but it is said that she was accursed to be stuck in limbo roaming in the precincts of Bhangarh. It is believed that the voices of all the people can still be heard at night in the Bhangarh Fort, doomed to linger in this territory, never able to leave the cold, restless, and hopeless vicinity. 

4. Bhangarh Fort consists of warning signs all around:  

The Archaeological Survey of India has a constant urge to leave the premises before sunset, which can be viewed as a clear indication that something is wrong with this place. It is prohibited to stay within the surrounding area of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset, and the boards clearly say it again and again. There have been numerous incidents of accounting loss and death, owing to which such precautions are carried out. 

5. Foreigners’ entry is banned in Bhangarh Fort   

It might come out to be a strange encounter, but the entry of foreign tourists isn’t freely permissible at Bhangarh ka Kila. A special permit is needed to gain access to the Bhangarh fort and its premises. The Bhangarh fort story is not the only one; the fact that tourists keep getting lost in the region is proof enough of its hauntedness. Foreigners have angered the officials of the government time and again, and owing to their disregard, strict measures are being taken. 

6. Strange Construction: There are no roofs on the homes in Bhangarh! 

It seems that Bhangarh’s mysteries never end. You will understand what strange constructions mean after visiting this unsettling location in Rajasthan. There are no roofs on any of the houses in the region. There is no single house with a complete roof over its head. It is believed that the curse of the sage is to blame for its final destruction. As per the claims of the villagers, it is impossible to build a roof on these dwellings. As soon as the top is created, it collapses. Numerous lives have been lost due to this in the past. This is another unsettling fact concerning the history of the Bhangarh Fort. 

7. A lot of temples are packed into a tiny region 

About half a dozen temples built in the Bhangarh Fort area provide a minor break from the pervading eerie air, which may make you exhale with relief. These tiny, historic temples are devoted to a variety of Hindu gods, such as Lord Hanuman, Keshav Rai, Lord Gopinath, Mangla Devi, and others. Numerous sages and priests have been drawn to Bhangarh by the area’s mythical curse and the temples that exude a spiritual aura in the vain attempt to cure the land of its jinx. 

8. The location is quite significant in terms of archaeology 

It’s possible that the area’s appeal came from the intriguing Bhangarh Fort Haunted Story, but there is undoubtedly much more to it than that. A few archaeologists who were fortunate enough to spend time here have unearthed numerous archaeologically significant findings in Bhangarh, which is thought to be a hotspot for paranormal activity. They said that various stone sculptures, artifacts, and paintings were uncovered that were created by the area’s first men. It has also been found that the Lord Someshwar temple, which is close to Bhangarh Fort, is a location of natural springs and even waterfalls.  

9. Unknown Weird Accidents  

The history of Bhangarh Fort is purely one of extreme suffering and agony, which, according to the residents, manifests itself as bad luck and terrible mishaps. One such legend famous among the villagers is of the three daredevils who opted to remain on the Bhangarh Fort grounds after sundown. Despite having the torch, one of the three guys fell into the extremely deep well. His companions quickly came to his aid and took him to the hospital. However, fate had different plans, and they ended up in a terrible accident where their car was crushed. 

10. Paranormal Activity  

According to the locals, in a different instance, a group of friends visiting Bhangarh saw what appeared to be an apparition of a boy in a home with a screened window but no door. This and numerous other tales are widely believed to be genuine in this area. What do you think, then? Truth or rumor? Maybe one of the fantastic Rajasthan packages will allow you to discover this for yourself.  You should also explore the best places to visit in Mumbai