India is an absolutely stunning location full of beautiful natural wonders. On the other hand, visitors are never able to stop being amazed by its spectacular beauty, which is why it is sometimes referred to as India’s dream destination. It’s states each has a magnificent variety of diverse cultures and landscapes to offer, as well as its own distinctive characteristics and experiences.  

India is a difficult country to travel through. It is a place with a wide variety of topography and tourist destinations. The nation is home to spectacular natural beauties, a long history, and a tropical climate. This combination makes it possible for the area to host a remarkable array of tourist attractions. Those who stay at home simply skim the surface of the world’s book. But first, make sure you have experienced the peace and quiet of these fantastical, far-off places closer to home. Selecting your ideal location in India, such as the mystique of the nation, has recently proven to be challenging.  

Here are the top five fictional locations to visit in India:  

A selection of tourist attractions in India that will catch your eye and make you think of their counterparts abroad. So, you can plan your next trip to one of the dream places to visit in India.  

1. Gulmarg  

The cup-shaped valley of Gulmarg, located in India’s Pir Panjal Range, has been specifically fashioned by nature’s delicate hand and is a destination that even the gods would like to visit. Families, couples on their honeymoons, and fans of winter adventure sports will enjoy this stunning tourist destination in Kashmir’s valley. With majestic snow-capped mountains, lush vegetation, little lakes, and a variety of flowers, Gulmarg is one of India’s finest ski resorts.  

Gulmarg is one of India’s most popular honeymoon destinations since it is a lovely town. The Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering is located in Gulmarg, which has expanded as an adventure destination. It is a hub of all the activities and offers trekking, mountaineering, skiing, and snowboarding courses, which is undoubtedly why it is regarded as one of India’s ideal vacation spots.  

Ideal Time to visit: January and February, right after the height of winter, are the best months to visit Gulmarg for snowfall.  

2. Kerala’s Athirapilly Falls  

A mysterious calm envelopes you as you make your way down the stone steps that lead to the base of the Athirappilly waterfalls. With a height of around 80 feet, it is the most renowned and highest waterfall in Kerala. A perfect fantasy location in India, water falling on the land leaves you awestruck in astonishment at nature’s tremendous strength and magnificence.  

It is a well-liked picnic location for both locals and tourists and is around 63 kilometres from the Thrissur district. Picnics and strolls with friends and family are perfect in their verdant surroundings. It is a stream of the Western Ghats-bound Chalakudy River, which also flows into the Sholayar forest ranges.  

Best Time to visit: September through January are the ideal months to travel.  

 3. Varanasi   

The world’s oldest continuously inhabited city, Varanasi, is situated on the banks of the revered River Ganga in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, making it a perfect dream vacation location. The appeal of this place has attracted pilgrims from all around India and the world for millennia. Varanasi is the colourful, fascinating India of your fantasies, complete with ancient domes, ashrams, monks, and narrow alleyways lined with shops selling saris from Benares. Exploring the sacred geography of this city will be exciting, where private life and death rituals coexist on the Ghats.  

On the other hand, travellers discover spiritual fulfilment by participating in Hindu chanting sessions from steep ghats, taking early-morning boat cruises, and releasing floating floral blessings. The historic town’s streets wind and turn into an endless maze away from the river, which makes it the best states to visit in India. Folklore holds that Varanasi still needs an exact map, and you will only believe it once you see the maze-like city for yourself.  

Greatest Time to visit: From November to February, the winter season is the best time to plan your travel.  

 4. The Rajasthan Desert  

Rajasthan, which means “Land of Kings,” is awash in artefacts left behind by former kings and queens. With its shining palaces, imposing forts, and exciting festivals, this western state is deserving of being the highlight of your India visit and is also referred to as a dream location in India. One of the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan is Jaipur, a part of the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit that includes Agra and New Delhi. It is referred to as “India’s Paris” because of its distinctive pink architecture, splendid City Palace, and abundance of diamond outlets. The “Blue City” of Jodhpur’s hilltop Mehrangarh Fort offers an equally remarkable experience. Udaipur emanates romanticism with its flower-lined streets and beautiful City Palace Complex, where the royal family still dwells. With its golden sandstone castles and historic Havelis, Jaisalmer is like a scene from an Arabian Nights fairy tale come to reality (mansions). No matter where you wind up in this arid state, Rajasthan’s appeal will enchant you.  

Finest Time to plan a trip:  From September to November, when the monsoon has finished and winter is approaching, is the best time to visit Rajasthan.  

 5. Munnar  

You should tour the tea estates, coffee plantations, and exotic spice farms found in every hill station in the world. Due to its similar circumstance, Munnar is a popular travel destination in India. The tea gardens of China can be likened to the cardamom plantations, tea estates, and other properties in this region. Munnar will be a relaxing vacation destination if you are seeking a location that is dedicated to plantations and distinctive culture. Every hill station in the nation, including Darjeeling, Coorg, and Ooty, still has lovely plantations. You should visit Munnar since it has the best spices available.  

Finest Time to explore: Due to the excellent weather during December through February, it is the best month to travel.