Makeup is an important part of fashion and lifestyle. No latest trends are complete without a hint of some new makeup looks. When we talk about makeup, mascara is one of the most important makeup products to complete a makeup look. Even a simple no-makeup look seems incomplete without mascara. Many beauty and fashion trends will come and go but mascara will always be the most essential part of our vanity.

Applying mascara can be tricky sometimes. The application is not always smooth and you may get lumps and clumps on your lashes. This can ruin the whole look. Here are some tips for you that will help you to apply mascara professionally perfectly:

  1. Keep the lashes clean: To apply mascara seamlessly first you need to clean your lashes. There should be no dust particles. If you had mascara on last night then clean your lashes with makeup remover. You can also use baby oil because waterproof mascaras are hard to remove. This will give you a plain base to apply mascara and it will be intact and never smudge.
  2. Don’t forget the lower lashes: Never skip to apply mascara on your lower lashes. It completes your makeup look. It also makes your eyes look wider and more open. Also, if you are applying false eyelashes then apply mascara by joining your natural and fake lashes to make them look real.
  3. Curl the lashes: Make sure you have a good eyelash curler. Be careful while using the curler as it can hurt your eyelids. Using an eyelash curler will give your lashes a nice volume and will make it look longer. Applying mascara on curled lashes becomes easier.
  4. Zig zag the wand: Apply the mascara in the zig-zag motion to get the maximum coverage. It will also separate the lashes and will coat each of them nicely. It gives thickness to the lashes and also removes lumps and clumps.
  5. Apply more coats: Apply one coat of mascara and let it dry. Then apply a second coat of mascara to get the maximum effect. This technique helps to add thickening and lengthening effect to lashes. If you do not want to wear false eyelashes and still want your lashes to look fuller then use this tip.
  6. Do not pump: Never pump the mascara wand in the tube to get more product. It adds more air into the tube and your mascara dries quickly. It makes the product thicker which affects the application. You get more lumps and clumps on your lashes when you apply a dried mascara.
  7. Remove the excess product: The wand gets more product on it when the tube is new. You need to apply less product to get a smooth finish and to avoid lumps on the lashes. So, remove the extra products from the wand by brushing it once on the tube’s edge so you get the product again in the tube.
  8. Curl your lashes again: Once you are done with the mascara application let them dry completely. Curl them again one last time to make them look more lifted. It will give your lashes a nice shape.
  9. Secret tip: To get thicker and voluminous lashes, apply translucent powder on your lashes before applying mascara. Especially people who have short and thin lashes must use this tip to get an effect of thick and lengthy lashes.

Conclusion: Mascara helps you to make your lashes look beautiful. It is easy to carry and travel-friendly product that you can use anytime and anywhere. Use the above tips and tricks next time when you apply mascara and you will see how these tips can make a difference.

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